The Eves of Eternity

It's not easy being what we are, which defined by your society calls us by a very crude and hurtful word to be honest; that word being a two syllable word with such fear, loathing and misunderstanding turned to hatred; monster. I am no exception though granted, I belong to a sect of kind that seems to be feared the most, that being well, the "Nosferatu" or more commonly known as...vampires...but please, don't be afraid as, well, I won't bite...m-much...


3. Noctum Obscura

   The ride home, as I mentioned before was kinda dull and quiet, the blankness of it was only disrupted as we stopped off at a gas station. I was slouched in his passenger seat, watching the stars in the sky go by, my eyes glowing softly as they reacted to the night. God I hated this sometimes, the night time was my time and yet, I only ever got to experience small bits of it as Shadow made sure I kept to human terms in lifestyle. 

   "Stay here," he yawned softly "I'm just getting some gas, I'll be right back." With that, he left me there in his Gold Hyundai Accent. Piece of shit car was from 2002, it was so old at this point it was amazing he even bothered to keep it running. I looked around the cabin as I had many times. It was two toned interior, blackish grey matte on top and a similar sandy beige to the outside of the car for the bottom portions. He had updated the radio to one that could take CD as well as MP3 Players through either the auxiliary cord port or USB port on it. Looking around the station I gazed upon a quiet sight; only two other cars were present, one being the employee's inside presumably and the other at an opposing stall also fueling up. 
   "Boring as ever," I muttered to no one in particular and sighed, my hand softly clutching my throat as I felt it drying and tightening up again. "Damn, I'm thirsting again? What the Hell." I began looking around, seeing passersby and my eyes glowing a bit deeper, the faint sound of pulsating blood in their veins faintly reached me through the glass of the car window. Biting my lip as one drew close and went by into the store I felt my hand reach for the door handle, only to feel the hand of Shadow on my shoulder. 

   "Feeling thirsty?" his voice called softly, dampened with fatigue. 

   "Yeah but I swear to God if you give me another can of tomato juice or freakin' red cherry soda again." I turned to look at him with ire but instead flushed a little and smiled faintly as I saw a blood pack in my face. "Where did you...?"

   "You really wanna know?" 
   "Err....perhaps not," I answered gingerly as I took the pack and bit in gently. The blood was cool, and so not as good as fresh, warm blood but still letting it slide down my throat gave me euphoria and ease.

   "Yeah I thought so," he chuckled as he slammed the door and started the car back up again. "Now keep low, we don't need the locals seeing you gulping blood." Seeing me slide down a little he shifted the car into gear and resumed the drive home. 

   He's a pain sometimes, but, he can be somewhat of a decent guys I guess sometimes. Anyhow, after the day that had been I just wanted to return to the house and rest a little since I couldn't actually enjoy the night. It wasn't a long drive back once he got on the highway as he learned where all the state police hid so he knew when and where he could punch it as, like me, he claimed spending extended time in the "mortal plain" had made him begin to exhibit human needs such as sleep. In reality it was simply so he could preserve the soul he was burning off to keep his corporeal form by letting it have a rest while he either slumbered in the shade of the dim bedroom he occupied or skulked the house in the shadows. 

   "You alright, kiddo?" his voice again. "You're being unusually quiet tonight; usually you're bantering with me or calling me a dick for some reason." I heard a dry chuckle on that last one. "You sick? Or is it because you're still shaken about almost losing your v-"

   "Shut it, you cuckhold," I growled quietly at his comment. "Technically you know I am not that." 
   "When ye were alive, no, ye lost it only to get turned thereafter," he grinned. "However, as you are now... you've not had a lay in a long time."
   "No thanks to you and your damn people."

   "It's me and my damn people that are the reason you are still alive and free," he retorted. "Besides, it was in the interest of your patriarch that I take you under my wing considering your... past." 

   I hated it when he brought it up, hated it so damn much and sorry, but I don't feel much like discussing it now so, you're just gonna have to wait a bit longer for that personal bit about me. 

  As we got back to the house the sky black as pitch and we looked up together. The moon had been doubly eclipse doubly eclipsed by both clouds and the shadow of the sun for a full eclipse.

   "Nocturn Obscura," I heard him whisper, "Been a bit since I've seen one of those." He looked at me with whimsied glee, the eclipse making his eyes go into black sockets. "You know they say these kinda nights are an omen for monsters like us to walk the earth." 

   "Yeah, well, if I were a human I might be a bit scared but, y'know," I left off with a cheeky grin, flashing a fang. "Not exactly mor-" I was stopped cold by a quiet but pressurized expulsion of gas as a silenced bullet tore into my chest causing me to stagger against the car. "F-fuck..." I coughed and fell against the car, Shadow instinctively ducking to cover and pulling his own gun.

   "I thought ye were supposed to be teachin' him to be aware of one's surroundings?" called a voice soaking with dark humor and a slight cynical drawl. Up upon the roof of the house he was reclined, his gun leveled at where I was standing previously. He looked much like Shadow save for the permanent sockets for eyes with terrible cracks emanating around them as if his pale, ashen skin were bone long since worn. His clothes were darker, and more formal in dress and his dark wavy hair in wild curls; Madness. 

   "Maddy, ye blasted jerk," he chuckled and holstered his gun standing up. "A damn good way to give me a heart attack. don't you think, partner of mine?" 

   "Heh, yeah, if you had a heart, ye wretch." He jumped off the roof, exploding into a pool of black as he hit the ground in the shadow of the house, moving along and forming out of the shadow that was being cast by the car beside his partner.
   "M-madness, you prick," I spat indignantly as I began to heal from the wound, still groaning in pain. "Just because I am not a common human doesn't mean this doesn't hurt." 

   "And lest ye forget I feed off pain, negativity and insanity and such." His wicked tone came low as he approached, seeming to embrace me as I felt the negativity and my very energy drain away into him. "So then, I hear you had an encounter." 
   "Yeah, with a succubus."

   "Oh, a succu-bitch? Fun." His dark and deep unnerving chuckled filled the air around as he then moved towards the house. "My partner and I have dealt with a few in our time; fun creatures really." He opened the screen door, skulking inside as Shadow helped me into the house, laying me down on the sofa in the living room and grabbing a towel.
   "You know what's coming next, off with the shirt so I can see the wound"

   "Oh man, really? Can't I just let my body expel it like normal?" I whined admittedly done with this day. 

   "Were it a normal bullet maybe," he replied as he had gathered some forceps and thread for stitching as well as a bottle of peroxide and hot water. He looked at me and rolled up his sleeves, sighing. "But this is my partner we're on about, so you know it wasn't a normal bullet." 

   I groaned and shrugged off my shirt, laying back down again; "Fair point. Alright, get on with it you sadistic prick."

   "I am not the sadistic one," he grinned, motioning to Madness in the corner of the room. *He grabbed the forceps and gently stuck them in the wound, causing me to squirm in pain as he worked and groan. 

   "That hurts you know..."

   "You'll be fine, I think I've almost got it," he answered almost mechanically before sure enough I felt a tug and then they were out, a bloodied bullet in the prongs. "See? Pesky little thing indeed." 

   "Yeah, that alcohol?" 

   "Gotta sterilize it."

   "Fuck me," I sighed. 
   "Sorry, not my type, kiddo," Madness grinned from the corner and chuckled darkly. 

   The next few minutes were spent with me squeezing my eyes tight and fighting back the urge to bite, and claw...and just generally shred Shadow and everything around me as he sterilized and sewed the wound closed. After that, I managed to shuffle to my bedroom, closing the door behind me and shuffling to the bed, finishing to strip off before crawling under the comforter and hunkering down. My eyes tiredly glazed about the room, catching the glimpse of my bureau with the few trinkets I had kept with me over the years decorating the top, the empty desk with my laptop closed atop it with a stack of old papers and the small book case with various topics that Shadow had 'lent' me in order to educate myself and grow, as he put it, "a sense of culture."  

   "Sense of culture my ass," I muttered half asleep looking out the window at the pitch dark sky. "What I wouldn't give for some decent action around here."

   Little did I realize that soon, I may have very well wished I hadn't said that because I'll say it now, and I know I will say it many more times but Fate, and Karma, are both real bitches. 

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