Reaching for happiness

Katie's back at school after an interesting summer and is ready to jump into her last year of school with Best friend and school player Declan. But everything good must come to an end.. right?
A group of friends having fun. What could go wrong?


16. Revelations

Kate's POV


''Ok I've got the sodas, and the popcorn is...'', I look to the microwave,''...popping. Ok I think that's everything''.


''Kate!'', Declan joins me in the kitchen dropping off some bags.


''Hah, whats all this?'', I take notice as he pecks my forehead in greeting.


''I was out getting a few things for tonight and I came across something and I just couldn't help myself'', He digs into the bags pulling out stripy colored tights. 


I scream and jump around taking them and hugging him tightly with a quick peck to the cheek,''Thank you. I love them. They're so hard to find for adults''.


''I know and that's not all'', He pulls out two little vests which had the words printed,' If you think I'm cute, then you should see my uncle'. and the other said,'I get 99% of my awesomeness from my uncle Declan'.I couldn't help but laugh and took them for extra inspection.''I love them,'' she pauses and it hits me, ''But my baby isn't going to be an object for you to pick up girls''.


He smiles,''I know, I know but i just couldn't resist. Forgive me'', He pouts.


''Oh, shut up'', I smile and push his face away. ''The guys should be here soon. Help me unload this stuff''.



Within the hour everybody had arrived and Alfie and Chloe had set up camp on the floor in a lot of quilts and pillows, directly in front of the tv.


''Ok, what are we watching?'', Sam settles down between Declan and Jordan. 


''Take your pick, I'll got get the snacks'', I chuckle. Moments later I hear bickering and Chloe's voice is the loudest trying to persuade her case. I shake my head and pick up the bowl of popcorn.


''Hey'', a low mutter makes me jump. ''Woah, careful'', Jordan takes the bowl from my hand.


I smack him, ''You shouldn't sneak up on people like that''.


He smiles,''sorry''.


I turn again and pick up a few more things but Jordan doesn't move. ''So whats up? Something you want to talk about?''.




I put the stuff down leaning against the counter and cross my arms smiling,''Well well, this is a first. Jordan Matthews stuttering. Must be serious.''


''Don't patronize me'', He grumbles.


I laugh again but turn back to the snack.''So what is it? In trouble?''


He shrugs, ''Sort could say that''.


I look at him seriously and rush to the other side of the breakfast bar. ''Jordan?''


''It's ermm...''.


''I can't help you if you don't tell me''.


He puts the bowl down, sits by the counter and grabs his hair. ''Right I like this guy and I think he may like me too, but....''. I wait for him to continue. 


''Well he's sorta conflicted on his feelings''. I know the feeling. I pushed that thought aside and focused back on the conversation.


''I've always liked him, but because he was on the 'straight' path I never acted on it''. I think the 'guy' in question is Sam.


''Well it was all fine, until Saturday when he kissed me. God dammit! Now I can't get him out of my mind!''. Jordan places his head in his hands. Yep that confirms we're on about Sam.


''It sounds like he needs space to figure stuff out on his own. As much as you want to help, you can't. Pushing him will only drive him away''. I say taking a seat next to him.


''The best you can do right now is leave him to sort his head out''.




''Don't worry so much'', I gave him a comforting hand. ''Now, lets get in there''.


We take the stuff in; seeing as everyone is quietly waiting for the movie to start. I put the snacks onto the table and climb on Declan.


''Bloody hell Kate you trying to crush me''. He laughs. I slap him over the head.


 I whisper in his ear. ''Suck it up''.


''Right guys I've accurately invited you tonight to tell you something''. Chloe gives a knowing look....


I open the side draw; pulling the baby scan out and place it on the table. ''I'd like you to meet baby Morris''


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