Have you ever felt lonely?, do you know how that feels?,
my whole family, my friends no one trusts me so I think its time I do what I feel is right

sienna has lived through fears and lack of socialization ,she takes the risk of finding a true friend online and builds up a relationship
"a stranger apparently".


1. chapter 1

 It was a cold Sunday morning, I grabbed my mirror as I do all morning pretending to be snow white

mirror, mirror who is the most disorganized person in the house " I asked, staring at the pale looking face that appears before me

I sighed as I took a glance around my scattered surroundings

mum was still sleeping while my little brother was doing his morning chores which was singing nursery rhymes to my dad

I had loads of thought on my mind like :

how will I introduce myself in school tomorrow

how will I  make friends?

if a boy asked me out what do I do?

and other weird stuff that a teenage girl might worry about.

Finally my mum woke up and knocked on my door, she called my name to see if i was still awake

yes mum i'm here "i replied chewing on my tongue"

i expected her to come inside, but instead she shouted through the door and told me to come downstairs

mum has never told me to come downstairs for breakfast

so i put on my robe and went downstairs happily, to my surprise there was no breakfast


Tanya, this is err.... this is ben

ben? I asked before looking at the man next to mum, mum who is he and why are you introducing him to me I asked before I took a second stare, he is my new husband and he will be living here with us


mum, what are you saying? I asked looking at my dad who was pretending not to have heard our conversation


Tanya.., "she paused for a while before she continued"  me and your dad broke up and as you know I can't leave this house so your dad has decided to go to Canada

but don't worr..... "I didn't let her complete her sentence before I grabbed my brother and ran into my room"

that is the worst news I heard in years "mum and dad breaking up"






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