Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


1. Prologue

Midnight. Stars glow in the dark sky showing the Gods of the past. Hercules. Poseidon. Zeus. Aphrodite. And millions more. The moons pale light brightens the dark sky and lays low near the lake. The lake itself shines off a magnificent  blue color and emits happiness to whoever and whatever approaches the lake. That is why they call it, Lake Paradise. 

Down by the lake is a young girl. A young girl who came in search for happiness and found this lake. Sheer luck, she called it. But it changed her life forever. 

She stares at her reflection in the lakes water. Long brown scraggy hair, light blue angelic eyes, wearing a black top with many holes in it and black ripped up trousers. For now, she does not care about her appearance. She cares for the positive waves radiating from the water of the lake. As she takes a deep breath in, she closes her eyes, tips back her head, stretches her arms out, and lets the wings on her back unfurl. 

"Oh lake paradise, I am so glad I found you" she whispers to herself smiling. 

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