Korean One Shots

I don't think are many one- shot books about kpop here, so why don't I have a go at it.

Of course you are not limited to a kpop start, you may choose ANY celebrity you wish :)

Rules to request a story are inside.


1. Request Page

For people who don't know how this works, if you wish to have a fan fiction of your bias, just tell me your bias and I will make a fan fiction for you. 



I’m busy with school and other things so I can’t constantly be posting stories I’m not as familiar with some groups/ celebrities as I am with others, but I will do my best PLEASE do not be rude and be patient. If you want something special to happen in the story just tell me. If 2+ people request similar or the same things I will make one story and mention both in it. (Simply because it is easier for me) (Relating to my last post) If you REALLY want your own story just tell me :) IMPORTANT I can only do girl x boy stories. I'm sorry, not that there is anything wrong with other ones I simply don't write them Only for girls… sorry You can request ANY celebrity, this is not limited to idol :)

That is it for now then.


Kpop idol (Bias, crush) Kpop group (optional... obviously XD) Genre(s) of the one-shot Happy ending? Sad? Anything else? Your Character info: Name AU? Or no? (Alternate Universe, for example a story where your bias/crush is not a celebrity and only a normal high school student)  Background info (Optional) Anything else (If needed)

Okay so I guess that’s it!! Request on this, or leave me a comment, and I’ll get to you as soon as I can :)
Thanks and byee <3

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