Fanart ~ Battle of Helm's Deep (LotR) - Fanfiction Royale

The Battle of Helm's Deep - Truly one of the bloodiest and most exciting conflicts to hit Middle-Earth. On one side, defending the ancient and impenetrable fortress, is Theoden King of Rohan and just 300 men, soldier or drafted; with aid from 400 of the Galadhrim Elves of Lothlorien, the Elite troops of the woodland realm. Their foe... 10,000 Uruk-Hai under the White Hand of Saruman. And here is my fanart of such of the event - stage by stage.


1. Fanfiction Royale - Helm's Deep Fanart (Lord of the Rings - Two Towers)

Here is my Fanart, of the Battle of Helm's Deep. I drew the Galadhrim Elves on the Eastern flank of the wall, because I loved their arrow volleys. They really inspired me to do this piece.

But yes, I hope you all enjoy, because it took me nearly a whole Age to do this... 
Good luck to you all! See you on the day of the results!

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