A girl wakes up on a rock in the middle of a desert. On her left is the mountains, and on her right is mist. Which side does she take? And what will she find at the end of her journey?


1. Fortis

Twilight. The first thing I see as I open my eyes is a twilight sky. Confused, tired and worried I sit up groaning. The cold air brushes against my face and the taste of sand is in my mouth. Ahead the moon is close and it shines brightly in the sky. The fiery sky over to the left edges nearer the moon and threatens to suck the moon into it's grasp. It is becoming darker and colder by the second. I look over to my right and see nothing but fog. It looks cold, frightening and looks like it will suck anything into it and kill it within an instance. I look over to my left. Mountains, lots and lots of mountains in the distance. Behind me is just more fog, and in front of me more fog. I pull my knees to me and my hood over my head. But something on my arm catches my eye, I look at my left forearm and see the word, Fortis, tattooed on there. What is that? What does it mean? Is it my name? I guess I will never know. Maybe the answers are in the mist. Or over in the mountains. But which way shall I choose? Looking to my left and right again, I guess I shall take the mountains. They may look miles away, but they look more promising than the fog. I think. I take a deep breathe in, and stand up. I look over to my right once more, definitely the mountains, at least I can see what is ahead. "Okay" I said to myself. I zip my black hoody up, pull my sleeves over my hands, and start walking towards the mountains.
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