Black Romance

The story is about a 23 year old woman and lives in a mansion where she is adopted her mystery is finding her love in het life and when she sees her dreamlover a lawyer Landon and their love is a mystery of dreams her party ways are over when she met him when they fell in love in a place that was dangerous to not let understand by people who want to be able to carry out.


10. As You Can See

Well when valerie came into landon life everyone has those feelings and ways to say whatever so they still need to be strong for their relationship between the both of them landon finally found out that these people had a job offering its in Paris he is really excited he finally got something accomplish his goals,hopee and dreams the values of having them two together is that being honesty with someone who loves you but you don't want them to fail or think that you're less of a person. Valerie would never think that way she has her doubts about people and what they should do about it landon pack his things and went off without valerie the reason why didn't want to go because she needed to focus on school and having a great and healthy relationship with her parents time is not on her hands to go right now so landon is completely understanding he would see her when he sees her in a environment that is suitable for her safety. Valerie and gigi are still friends found out she is seeing somebody that isn't a party person he is more of a responsible adult so gigi is getting used to it meanwhile avery and Ashton broke up they decide to slow things down and be just friends all of them had so many memories altogether they had share something and that is a friendship they still party a lot more than ever but they can say is they learned a lesson of how life can be when you can careless about important things when you change for the better then everyone would see you who they are in the real world. THE END 

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