Spectial suprise to the maze

thomas will be the one going into the maze today but who will be with thomas in the maze


1. thomas brithday suprise


 ok today we have something very spectial its tohmas birthday eveyrbody said cool what are we doing eh will be going into the maze without ny of us they all looked at  him ofcouece somebody is gong inside tohmas brouther joshua they need to get on togeather saw i thought what better way to do it then to put them in the maze little did he know tohmas was already listening and awake i am not in anyway going in the maze with joshua yes you are tohmas who said i did oh i forgot its my choce tohmas go and get ready and be hear ion 15 min utes when the gate opens no yes fine he went over to pack his racksack ajnd said imr ready joshua you can comeout hey brouther thomas how are you do i really need to anser him come on where brouther what kidn of a brouther goes upto his 2 month old brouther and pops a ballon in his ear on his birthday the boys loughed stop it right know thomas said calm down thomas no im not going to listen hes going with you today end of story ;isten no he is nopt you have no choice thomas fine he left the boys gave ho, a hig ad gave joshua a hug even though they kidna fealt weired beouse they dident know him and left the boys ok hear we go hold my hand joshua they ran as fast as they could right know where away from them lot ow dare you thomas i have been waiting for your phone call for yeard wait i thought you said forget about what hapend dident mean it come on joshua we need to get on do we really yes get inside the maze they walked in wow look at this pl;ace i know it looks amazing no i hate it here worest of all im with you end of part 1

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