The Crystal Fortress

18-year-old Cole has questions about his last name, which he had never before known...until he met Crystal. A quiet, but fierce girl, exactly how he liked them.

17-year-old Crystal Summers is as cold as ice and as bright as summer's sun. Her lifetime question was always "Who are my parents?" As her regular life turns into a deep, dark time for survival, she must rely on herself, trusting no one. Or can she?

The Xenos are the lifetime killers. Wanting to destroy the world and create a new world full of "new creatures", everybody believed nobody would ever find such people that would serve them back to where they came from. Crystal and Cole must find how to defeat the Xenos, meanwhile, get their human rights back. Can they succeed?


2. The Surprising Summers

          "Wait, WHAT?!?! That's just...utterly...impossible." I laughed like it was all a joke and continued. "Nice joke, but it did NOT get me! Hilarious. Who doesn't have a LAST name? That's just so impossible. Like, crazy! But it was a nice joke, at the beginning. You almost got m-!" I chatted, waving a careless finger at him. Finally noticing that this kid was NOT kidding, I asked like a idiot, "Wait, that WAS a joke...right? I mean, it's right!", I mumbled. But instead he said, "No, I am not kidding. Don't you ever like...take things seriously for even a second, much less a whole entire minute. Bet that feels like a century to you." That shut me up pretty bad.

          Here's the thing. I was the oldest of seven kids. They were all boys. Surprise, surprise. God, if I ever do survive, I'm going to go to every single useless family in this world and demand they have girls. I haven't met one girl, not even one, in this retarded world. Boys everywhere I go, here, there, pretty much anywhere. To my opinion, females are just as important as males, maybe even more important. Why? Let me ask you parents if I ever meet a couple in this world this. If parents care so much about males, then they should care for females too. Because without any females in this dumb old world, there won't be any boys to love. Anyway, back to topic. What I was saying was that my parents gave birth to me and seven boys. I beat them at races, fights, anything. Always. So I guess I wasn't used to being beaten by a boy OLDER than me. Ha.

          That's when I totally lost it and blew it all out towards him. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM? A SERVANT, A MAID? YOU ARE A COMPLETE MAD PERSON! TREATING ME LIKE SCUM! WITH YOUR USELESS ATTITUDE! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, YOU PIECE OF SH*T!" I didn't realize tears were streaming down my face. Great, just great. This was supposed to be my chance to show this dude who he thinks he is, but it just showed him what I was trying to hide from everybody from the day I was taken by random guys. Dude, I really think it's time for you to-"GET LOST!" I yelled, scrambling back as he made to give me a napkin. I had no idea what my face looked like right now: probably all blotchy and red and puffy. Oops. I now officially look like the Monster of Tears. Just give me a worn-out napkin full of my snot and write with a black ink pen on it: CRYSTAL SUMMERS: THE OFFICIAL MONSTER OF TEARS CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I'll be the complete picture. Yay for me. I ran towards the bedroom door and slammed it open. Then I also slammed it hard when I went inside.

          I sighed and went to the bed. Exhaustion overpowered me and I took it for granted. Sleep ready, Summers.


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