The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


1. Party time

"Yo Nick come drink with us!" yelled Jason already drunk.

It was so loud here at the party but like always I love being crazy. I was playing Call of Duty Blacks Ops II. I was the best player here which made me feel the king of this game.   "Dammit Nick!" laughed Dominic.  

"Haha what? I'll go after I'm done here, Jason!" I called out.

I was laughing hard at Dominic he couldn't beat me.  

"I can't beat you. You're too damn good at this. Are you like a practice game geek?"  

"No, no bro It took me two days to get this good after I first got it. Psst! Dominic watch me troll this guy." I started to troll a player on my team since he had a mic and I didn't. I decided to block his way.   

"Who DJJoker one two three?" he asked.  


"Why? Ooh! He's camping. Haha." I put the T.V volume a bit loud. Dj started to cuss me out.  

DJJoker123: Bro what the fuck are you doing!? Let me get out!   

"Pfft, that's what he gets for camping." Another player that was a friend came over.  

LunaticMoon: What's the problem bro?  

DJJoker123: This asshole won't let me get out! Help me get him off me.   

I started to knife him and shoot him while I was still blocking his way.  

LunaticMoon: Fallen Nick gets the fuck from him already.  

"Nick! Oh my god! Ahaha this is fucking hilarious!" laughed Dominic. Jason laughed because he heard it too.  


I laughed too much my stomach started hurting so bad. Eventually, we got surrounded by the other team and I got us both killed.  

DJJoker123: Wooow this bitch got us killed bruh...  

I turned off the game and walked over to Jason as I grabbed my cup. Jason poured some liquor into the cup. Everything was going smoothly. The girls were outside in the pool while the guys were inside playing the PlayStation and watching T.V. I finished my fourth cup of liquor and got drunk.  

"Woah Nick are you drunk?" laughed Dominic.  

"Damn man, I got a massive headache?" I felt sleepy as hell.   

"Is this your first time drinking?" Asked Luis.  

"Well, yea you know how my mom is." I was about to get knocked out.  

"Yea true," said Luis.  

"I got a massive headache I'm going to the couch." As soon as I walked to the couch I laid down. My vision was blurry and was turning black.   

"Hey! Who's that I never invited her!" said Jason a bit pissed off.  

"Babe I'm hungry," said Jennifer as she came inside the pool. Jason's current girlfriend.

"H-hey w-why does she have a KNIV-" Dominic said but he was cut off by something. I couldn't see but I heard screaming and yelling. I heard footsteps going towards me.  

"Go to sleep...." a calming, soothing voice said. As soon as I heard it. I fell asleep.

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