Hermione Granger and the philosopher's stone

Hermione Granger is an ordinary girl - until she is visited by a man with a very strange letter, enrols at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, makes friends with a very famous boy and helps keep a dark wizard at bay. The reason: HERMIONE GRANGER IS A WITCH!
Based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, it will get better, sorry the first chapter is so short.


1. The girl and the strange happenings

Mr and Mrs Granger of London were proud to say they had a witch for a daughter. Not that they said it much, or at all, to anyone. But they were proud all the same. Mr Granger was a dentist, he worked for a company called Smile Care. He was middle aged with thick mousey coloured hair and a clean-shaven face. Mrs Granger was a slight woman with bushy black hair and pale skin. She was also a dentist, although she had recently taken time of to look after her one year old daughter, Hermione Jean Granger. To friends of the family, Mrs Granger had merely taken time off work because it was becoming too stressful. However, the real reason she had taken a sick leave was because there was something very unusual going on with her daughter, and she was worried.  

Mrs Granger had been awoken by the chuckling gurgles of her daughter, who was staring in delight at one of her mothers old, dusty books, reaching a chubby arm out to try and touch it. Smiling at her daughters antics Mrs Granger had given her daughter a gentle tap on the nose and proceeded to tell Hermione that she couldn't play with the book until she was older. Then Mrs Granger had shuffled of down stairs, wiping sleep fro  her eyes, to make her husband a cup of tea. On entering the bedroom again, Mrs Granger placed the mug of tea she was carrying next to her still slumbering husband and reached into Hermione's cot to get her ready for the day.

'Hermione, darling, what's this?" Mrs Granger exclaimed when she saw what her daughters chubby hands were grasping, it was the book. Hermione chuckled, grinning up at her mother. Flabbergasted Mrs Granger stared around the room, trying to figure out a way that her daughter could have reached the book that had been placed on her bedside table three meters away. It just wasn't possible! Gently tugging the book out of her daughters grip, Mrs Granger placed the book back on the table. As soon as she let go, the book zoomed back to Hermione's outstretched fingers. There was a loud crash, Hermione turned her head and saw her mother lying there with her eyes close, thinking it was some kind of game, she laughed.  




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