Demi lovato-skyscraper short story

I was inspired to write this short story by Demi Lovato's song "skyscraper" I hope you all like it.


1. Demi Lovato-Skycraper

it's raining like my tears running down my cheeks, i catch my tears and wipe then with my sleeve before i start to cry anymore, i try to stop crying but i fail at that just like i fail at everything else in my miserable life. 
i'm sitting alone in class, lonely and friendless just like i always do in school, i feel so depressed and alone and i'm in my own world that i can't hear them i can only hear my inner demons in my head chanting to me saying "fat! fat! fat!" "ugly! worthless! stupid! slut!" i cry more and more until my eyes hurt and they start to sting, i whisper to myself "you always have to make me feel like nothing" but then i remember the good memories i have left from my childhood with my parents before they died and left me an orphan and i felt a piece of happiness inside of me but it was completely shut out by my inner demons again calling me fat over and over again, after that i excuse myself to the girls room and i locked myself in a stall and i begin to purge but then before i started something told me not to do it, i didn't what or who told me but i had a feeling that it was my dead mom who told me to always have hope no matter what, thats when i take off my locket and i open it and i see a picture of us together, i looked really happy and my smile wasn't fake or unrealistic like how i smile now no it was sincere and full of happiness and thats when i stopped crying and i feel strong, thats something i haven't felt in a really long time, i get up and i go to the mirror and i look at myself and i see me looking so freakishly thin and pale and there were black circles under my eyes, i didn't look like me i actually don't know who i am anymore, but i'll find out in time after i recover, yes i'm going to recover and be healthy and happy again, i swear to myself to become a better person than i am now i swear mom and dad, people can try to break everything i have and break everything i am and they push me down but i'll push harder and i will rise and become high like a skyscraper, no one can touch me or push me down while i'm up here because i'm too big and strong for them so they will leave me alone, I'M A SKYSCRAPER!

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