Adopted By 5sos


4. New House

hen we get inside Luke takes me to my room.
“We were already going to adopt both of you so we asked the adoption lady what your favorite colors were and got your rooms ready to move in.” Luke says.
“That’s great.” I said.
The rest of the house is way more than i expected. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, and a basement. I just wanted to be alone for a little while so I went down to the basement. I found where they have band practice and picked up Luke's guitar. I never got my own guitar but whenever i was upset at the orphanage i would go and play one of the guitars in the music room. After i had been playing for a few minutes i realized that i wasn’t alone. Luke was standing in front of me smiling.
“I didn’t mean to grab your guitar without asking but when i was upset while i was at the orphanage i would go to the music room and just play. That’s how I deal with the memories if i can get there before i start to cry, but if i don’t get there before my sister would give me her shoulder to cry on.”
“Do you want your own guitar? i can get you one if you want. but if you want even when you have your own you can use mine if I’m not in band practice. And if while your using my guitar it’s time for band practice I’ll use your guitar.” Luke says.
“Ok baby. We will do that tomorrow.”
I also find an indoor pool in the basement and a hot tub. I am going into the pool for sure in like 30 seconds if I’m allowed to go in fully clothed but of course thats not allowed. I look over and see Ash is right beside me.
“How long have you been there?” I asked.
“The whole time, Miss Hemmings.”
“Ash if you ever do that again I’ll cut your balls off!”
“Damn our daughter has a temper.”
“Can i go in the pool?”
“One Direction will be here any minute now so no but later sure.”

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