Adopted By 5sos


1. Introduction

My name is Emily. Ever since my sister Brianna and I can remember we have been at this damn orphanage. We are treated like crap at the orphanage, we are lucky if we get a half a sandwich each day. Until one day our lives could possibly change forever.

“Girls 4 boys want to adopt you.” the adoption lady said.
“Ok. we look like crap because we just woke up but send them in.” I said.

In walks 4 boys that look exactly like 5SOS!
“Hi im Emily and this is Brianna.”
“Im calum”
“Im Luke”
“Im Michael”
“and I’m ashton”
No fucking way 5sos wanna adopt us!!!
“Girls if you don’t mind we wanna adopt you.”
“Seriously? Yes you can!!”


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