Fall To Hell

Her foot fell off the weak dead branch.

I grabbed her hand before she could fall into the pile of autumn leaves below.

(Picture from google images, edited using Allis and this cover editor)


1. one

When we were eleven we were climbing trees in a nearby forest. She was goofing off trying to prove she was stronger than me, then she slipped. 

Her foot fell off a weak, dead branch. 

I grabbed her hand before she could fall into the pile of autumn leaves below. 

Even in that situation she wanted to prove me weaker than her, "Let go, you'll fall."

How could I though, "No. Trust me." 

I tried to pull her up, but for an eleven year old she was heavy. 

But ssh don't tell her I said that, dad's always said to never tell a girl she's heavy. He said that to mother one... she locked him out of the hose. It was funny actually, him begging and apologizing. It was a December night.


She stayed quite thinking. 

And I continue to pull.

Then she smirked and said: 

"Say we both slip... And I fall all the way into the depths of hell... What will you do."

"If it's with you, I'll fall."


I don't know... I was drawing the hands (I didn't draw the cover) on the cover, and this came to me.

Anyways this is just something small to get me aquatinted to this website :))

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