50 Days

“If you can resist us all for fifty days we’ll give you a free two week holiday for you and your friends to wherever you want to go” he said as a smirk grew onto his face. “And if I can’t?” I questioned the impossible. “Then you live with us and have to stay there” he said.


2. Challenge

Last lesson went how every English lesion went- boring. They would have a lecture on why the lesson was important and why they should revise and blah blah blah. Then the heavenly bell would ring signalling they could finally leave the hell hole known as school. Unless you have detention of course.


Alyx made her way to her maths classroom for her detention whilst Gemma felt it was best to wait outside. Gemma never liked sitting a detention, especially when it wasn't hers. But she still had to wait for Alyx because they were flat mates and Gemma lost her keys about three weeks ago, most likely when she was trying to split up one of Alyx’s many fights.


Alyx walked into the still empty classroom and sat in her normal seat. She put her feet on her table and her hand behind her head as she relaxed. "I might as well sleep for ten minutes" she said as she wriggled to get comfy. Four guys walked into the classroom and stood in front of her.


** Alyx’s POV **


“Can I help you?” I said rudely to the boys who were now sitting on the desk. They were the four bad boys at the school. The bad girls and the bad boys didn’t really ever socialize, so why start now? I’m not quite sure why, we just never did. There were only two other girls that you could really call bad that weren’t me, but I was the one who constantly had fights yet rarely got into trouble for them.


Gemma walked into the room a few minutes later. “Hey the ten minutes is up - Oh what are they doing here?” Gemma said, her nerves showing in her voice. “Its fine Gemma we’re only talking” I said, looking back at Luke. He had a lip piercing which was one of the few things that made him look like a bad boy. The rest of him looked fairly normal.


“We have a little challenge for you” Luke said leaning in. “And what might that be Hemmings?” I asked tilting my head as I had not the slightest idea of what their little challenge could be. “If you can resist us all for fifty days we’ll give you a free two week holiday for you and your friends to wherever you want to go” he said as a smirk grew onto his face. “And if I can’t?” I questioned the impossible. “Then you live with us and have to stay there” he said, as the smirk continued to grow bigger.


I thought about it for a moment. None of the boys were ugly and they were all fairly good looking. I could feel Gemma giving me a glare, thinking ‘don’t you dare do it’, but i’m up for a challenge. Sounds like fun. Besides, I would love a free holiday.


“Deal” I said, shaking Luke’s hand before I found out any other details. He extended his hand, and the deal was made. The boys got up at the same time as me.


“You will live with us for fifty days and one of us has to be in the room with you all the time” Michael Clifford said. He was pretty cool. He dyed his hair regularly and had tattoos. “When did I agree to that part?” I questioned as i crossed my arms. “When you shook his hand” Calum said as he walked through the doorway. “I’m bringing my pets then” I said as we walked out of the school building. Michael and Ashton Irwin, another guy in the group nodded.


“Get in the car, we’re going to yours to collect your stuff and your pets” Luke said as him and Michael climbed into the car whilst Ashton and Calum got into another car. Me and Gemma sat in the back whilst Luke was driving. “Oh and you're gonna have to share a bed with one of us after five days, because your friend is going to have a very sore back sleeping on the floor for any longer than that” Michael said smiling.


“What is this challenge coming to?!” I said hitting the palm of my hand onto my face and letting out a small giggle at the same time.


When we arrived at our flat myself and Gemma started packing some suitcases, whilst Michael played with our dogs. He looked hard but I think he is really a softy underneath. He is loving my little puppy. My puppy’s name is Dave and he is a west highland terrier, or a scottie dog as most people call them. Gemma has two dogs; Poppy and Toulouse. Poppy is a miniature yorkshire terrier she got from a friend when she was just a puppy and Toulouse is … well… no-one knows what breed he is. She rescued him from a box he was left in and brought him back to his full health. Now he loves her and rarely leaves his side.  True bond right there!


Luke crossed his arms and leant against the wall obviously getting bored. “You done now?” he asked as I walked up to him. “Yeah all done bossy” I said as i picked up one of my suitcases. Gemma and Calum took the other three suitcases as we walked down the stairs. Toulouse walked next to Gemma as she walked down the stairs. Michael carried Poppy and Dave in his arms and i realised he really isn’t as hard as he looked. He is quite the cutie.




We climbed into the car. We all climbed in and the dogs got themselves comfy extremely quickly. Poppy and Toulouse cuddled up next to Gemma whilst Dave decided he would much prefer to sprawl over the middle seat. Odd dog…


“Now its time to go to our house” Luke said looking back at us in the driver mirror. “Hang on we have to collect my other pet yet” I piped up. I typed the postcode into Luke’s satnav and he started driving there. Boy he is going to be in for a shock!


We eventually arrived at Shadow’s field. He shares it with four other ponies, but I don’t own them. Shadow is a big black gelding, which is basically a male horse with no balls. He isn’t that big but he isn’t small either. He is gorgeous and I love him. He is ten years old and i have had him for the last three years.


I got the funniest reactions when we pulled up. Luke seemed confused and all he said was “Well apparently we have arrived” he said looking out of the window. I climbed out of the car and Dave decided to cuddle up with Luke in the front. Betrayal! Michael got out of the car as Luke shouted “someone has to go with you remember” and I replied snarkily with “I’m not deaf!”. I walked into the field followed by Michael who seemed slightly nervous.


There were three small wooden huts in one corner of the field; a tack room where Shadow’s bridle is kept, a feed room and the horses shelter. I have so much stuff I need to collect… This is gonna take a while. I went inside the tack room followed by a clueless Michael. I picked up Shadow’s black saddle and baby blue saddlecloth from the stand and grabbed his bridle from the hook.


“What any help with that stuff?” Michael asked just trying to be helpful. "Nah its fine I'm putting them on him in a second" I answered smiling. I walked out of the door and called to Shadow who immediately came cantering over which scared the shit out of Michael and I couldn't help but laugh.


Shadow reached the door of the tack room and greeted me. I placed the saddle lightly on his back and gave him a hug before putting his bridle on his head. I did up the girth which is kind of like a belt for horses which keeps the saddle in place.


After getting a few more things like Shadow's rug, a spare helmet, brushes and food, we were done. Michael carried the bag whilst i got my helmet from the tack room and climbed on. Shadow stood perfectly still. I squeezed my legs around Shadow’s side and he walked on. I chose not to hold onto his reins so he could stretch his neck and plod along. This must have shocked Michael…


His jaw dropped, and after a few moments of staring he asked why i wasn’t holding the reins. The conversation turned into a bit of an arguement.


Me: Trust

Michael: You trust it?

Me: Yeah

Michael: But its bigger than you!

Me: And?

Thats when we reached Luke’s car. Dave was still sitting on Luke’s lap and Gemma and him were laughing together. Michael put Shadow’s bag in the boot and i dismounted, deciding it would be a lot easier if I rode Shadow bareback going home. I vaulted back onto Shadow from the ground, which he was used to from all the times I had played with him. Luke mumbled “bye Michael” as he drove away.


A/N:: Hey guys! New story! I am going to be attempting to keep updating two stories at once which may end up being impossible for me. I know this is an extremely long chapter and I hope you are finding it okay so far :) Hoping to update again by next week :)

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