50 Days

“If you can resist us all for fifty days we’ll give you a free two week holiday for you and your friends to wherever you want to go” he said as a smirk grew onto his face. “And if I can’t?” I questioned the impossible. “Then you live with us and have to stay there” he said.


1. Anger and Fights

Yet again Alyx found herself marching down the school corridor punching sideways at lockers. She had yet again found herself to doing exactly the same she did yesterday. Her face and eyes were filled with anger at what she heard another girl say about her in class. Her eyes were focused on exactly where she knew the girl would be - the back of the school smoking a cigarette. Most likely with her boyfriend who was bound to stick up for her. But in all honesty they both knew Alyx would win. Alyx always won.


Running behind an angry Alyx was a slightly nervous Gemma. Gemma had been Alyx's best friend since the first day they met. She was an amazing influence on Alyx, and  often acting as her good conscience. Once she finally caught up with Alyx's walking pace, she tried to convince her that she didn't need to start another fight.


"Alyx you don't need to beat her up just because she said that no boys would ever go out with you" Gemma said out of breath but in a calm and relaxed way. "Yeah I do. Besides, I'm in the mood for beating the living day lights out of someone and she is the only person I currently have an excuse to knock out" Alyx answered as they exited the corridor and walked outside. "Yeah but all the times before that people say stuff to you - none of that stuff was true. So what makes you believe what this chavvy bitch says is true?" she asked Alyx speaking slowly and calmly. "Maybe because its been ages since a guy has called me attractive?" she answered as they got closer and closer to the secret smoking area. Gemma sighed as they reached Alyx's next victim, Alesha.


Alesha was smoking her normal cigarette as Alyx arrived. Alyx pinned her to the wall, making her drop her cigarette. Alyx stomped it out without losing eye contact with Alesha. "Time for our fight already? I haven't re-applied my makeup yet" Alesha said sarcastically. "Your face has more make-up on it than they stock in a make up store" Alyx stated which was a true point. It was impossible to see Alesha's real face with the amount of makeup she threw on her face. "And you don't wear any makeup?" She said as she raised an eyebrow. "I didn't say that, I just don't put a million different substances on my face everyday" Alyx smirked at her comeback. "Yeah well I still get more guys than you" she said as her current boyfriend stood next to her. "Because your a slut" Alyx answered bluntly as Gemma managed to pull Alyx away from Alesha.


"No guys just don't want you" Alesha stated as she move away from the wall. "Really? You're going to provoke her more?" Gemma muttered under her breath. "No I just resist them because I am not just gonna fall for anyone" Alyx said folding her arms. "Well none of them fall for you" she stated getting a long and loud "OH" from the crowd that continued to form.


Alyx couldn't hold her anger back any longer as she punched Alesha in the face which temporarily stunned her. Blood slowly started treacling down Alesha's face. Alyx took a step closer when Alesha's current boyfriend stepped towards her. "You'll have to get past me to get to her" he said confidently crossing his arms as Gemma face palmed herself. "Bad choice" Gemma mumbled.


Alyx happily kicked him in the balls and there were cheers from the crowd as he fell to the floor, wincing in pain. Alyx then used a side kick which caught Alesha in the hip. There was a cheer from the crowd as Alyx and Gemma walked away and the crowd dispersed.


"Are you ever going to listen to what I say?" Gemma asked Alyx as they continued to walk down the corridor to their lesson. "Yeah I will just not about fighting" Alyx said as Gemma giggled slightly.


They continued to walk down the corridor and into their classroom. Gemma pulled out a pen as Alyx put her feet up on the table. No teacher had bothered to arrive yet and they were twenty minutes into the lesson. Alyx could feel she was being watched but continued to chill out whilst Gemma revised maths.


Alyx continued to sit with her feet up when she looked at the board. 'Alyx Rouge, 10 minute detention after school! And don't even think about bunking it!' Was scribbled on there. "Oh so the teacher can fail to show up but I can still get a detention?! What sort of school is this!" She half shouted and half sighed. The bell rang and Alyx and Gemma stood up and walked to their last lesson of the day.

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