Open up to Me

Castiel is afraid to leave the house. His therapist and brother help him to make friends, resulting in meeting Dean, a shy mute, who might just be the only one capable of getting him to come out of his shell. | a Destiel fanfic with some Sabriel on the side | 39694 words |


16. Chapter 15

Open up to Me

Chapter 15


That night Dean stayed over. Making it more efficient to just get up and go to the tailor's in town tomorrow morning. It also meant less time for Castiel to think about everything that could go wrong. Dean, as the gentleman he was, had offered to sleep on the couch. He didn't want to push Castiel any further. It'd taken them this long to get as far as they had. He didn't want to overstep his boundaries on their first night of intimacy.

Castiel thanked him, apologizing breathlessly in between small kisses. "It'll get easier right?" Castiel asked, biting his lower lip before Dean's thumb ran across it, smoothing out the skin. His nod assured Castiel that it wouldn't always be like this. That it'd get easier once he was more comfortable being with Dean like this. More open and vulnerable. Something he hated but something he was willing to try to do. For Dean.

Castiel went to bed after giving Dean a bundle of blankets, pillows and a last goodnight kiss that seemed to last forever. Dean had made his bed and fallen asleep on the couch with a content smile on his face. Feeling better after taking their relationship to a new level. Even if it was just a baby step.

Waking up to the sound of water running, Dean rolled over onto his back and blinked sleepily up at the ceiling. Castiel was in the shower. Naked. The thought alone of being this close to a naked Castiel made Dean blush. They'd get there... but he couldn't help but wonder what he looked like. Whether the man's blush cross over his neck and chest too. Whether he had beauty spots or freckles or marks that held memories that made him laugh or cry. He wanted to learn Castiel. Body and soul.

He hadn't realized he'd been daydreaming when Castiel stood over him, hair still damp and with the warmest of smiles. "Good morning, Dean," he greeted, eyes lighting up a little as he saw Dean return the smile. "The bathroom is free. There's towels on the side, the blue ones, and um... I'll make us some breakfast for when you come down."

Dean had rolled off of the couch, coming to stand by Castiel. He wrapped his arms carefully around Castiel's waist and pressed a tender kiss to his cheek. Castiel was the best. The way he treated him with such kindness. Most people just pitied him. What with his muteness and all. But not Castiel. It's like he barely even noticed Dean was a bit different. He supposed it was because Castiel was too.

Castiel blushed when Dean held him and touched him so lovingly. He pressed his hands to Dean's shoulders, unsure where else to put them and returned the kiss, angling his head so he could press his lips to the skin of Dean's cheek. He could get used to this. It was certainly a nice way to greet the day. With so much love and consideration. It made him feel all the more confident about this afternoon. He watched as Dean took a step back and headed upstairs to shower.

Castiel went into the kitchen and began making breakfast for them. Tea, bacon, eggs, toast, and pancakes. He'd set the table out with the assortment of food, and was just pouring them both a glass of orange juice when Dean returned. He smiled at the other as he took a seat at the table, and admired the food with hungry eyes. Castiel tried not to think about how appealing it was that Dean smelt like him. He took his own seat and put three pancakes onto his plate, covering them in maple syrup before adding blueberries from the small bowl, which sat between them on the table.

"T-This," Dean croaked, voice still rough from misuse. It made Castiel look up from his plate. Attention entirely on Dean. His eyes wide. Still shocked to hear Dean's voice. "Is amazing," Dean finished with a sheepish expression on his face. Probably just as shocked as Castiel was by his own voice.

Castiel felt a sudden warmth flow through him. He hesitantly held his hand out for Dean. The other soon linked their fingers together before squeezing Castiel's hand lightly. "Thank you," Castiel said sincerely. Not just for this but for everything. For last night. Dean had really helped him come out of his shell, and he couldn't help but think with pride that he'd done the same for Dean.

Things were easy after that. They ate in companionable silence. Dean offered to wash the dishes but Castiel declined. He was his guest after all. But that didn't stop Dean from helping anyway. He could be persistent like that. Once everything was put away in its correct place. Castiel hugged Dean tightly, taking the other by surprise and almost knocked him off his feet.

"Sorry," Castiel mumbled shyly, taking a step back as he scratched the back of his head. "I-I just... think you're great. That's all." God he was an idiot. He didn't know how these things worked. How you're supposed to use physical contact to show your affections. But Dean didn't seem to mind. He just made a small noise in the back of his throat, one close to a chuckle before nudging his nose lightly against Castiel's and kissed him endearingly.

Castiel blushed and smiled up at Dean when he moved away. "We should be going," he said breathlessly, still just watching the way Dean looked at him. Like he was the most precious thing in the world. Dean took a moment before nodding, fishing his car keys out of his pocket and walked into the hallway, putting on his shoes with Castiel doing the same.

A final kiss before they left and then they were in the Impala and on their way to town. 'American Woman' was playing on the radio. Dean's large hands tapped against the steering wheel in time with the beat as if they had a mind of their own. Castiel should have been worried Dean wasn't using the ten and two position, but from what he observed, Dean was a safe driver and he trusted him. Besides it was endearing to see him look so happy and carefree. Letting the music wash over him. It was like it was a second voice for him. It was beautifully sad, watching Dean mouth along to the words.

Six minutes later and they were in the centre of town, parked outside the tailor's. Castiel was staring wide eyed up at the store. His body was trembling a little but Dean reached out for his hand. Grounding him. Keeping him distracted. Telling him it'd be okay.

Inside, Gabriel was stood on a small platform, dressed in a standard tuxedo with an elderly gentleman taking his measurements and pinning the garments where they'd need to be brought in and altered to fit Gabriel. The jacket was done and was taken off to be put to the side so the man could work on the waistcoat and show Gabriel different colours and styles.

Gabriel had brought the shirt he'd be wearing so he could visualize what the whole outfit would look like together. He hummed in thought as he looked through the different samples of material and colours. "I'm thinkin' the gold. I want my eyes to sparkle," he said with a cheeky grin, which made the man laugh before nodding and walked away to find a waistcoat out back.

Gabriel's phone rang and he waddled off the podium, pins still in his dress pants as he rifled through his jean pockets to retrieve his phone. "Hey babe," he grinned, seeing Sam's name flash up on the screen. "Yeah, I'm just at the tailors," he said, going back to the podium to look in the mirror and admire himself. "No. I'm not showing you. You'll just have to wait," he snorted, grinning idiotically.

"Aw, that's sweet," Gabriel murmured, moving about on the spot. "Well I've still got to finish up here. Then I've got to speak with the bakers, pick up Kali's dress. Oh yeah, then head over to Cas' to get him suited up." The tailor came back out with two different shades of Gold for Gabriel to try on.

Gabriel was silent as Sam spoke on the phone and he held his left hand out for the tailor to hand him the lighter shade. He fumbled to put the garment on whilst still on the phone. "Yeah. I know. I just hope he goes through with this. It won't be the same without my little bro there."

He looked at himself in the mirror with the waistcoat on and nodded at the tailor who started fussing over him and adjusted the garment with pins to shape Gabriel's body. "Alright, babe. I'll see you tonight. Love ya." He hung up the phone and tossed it to the side on the table and let the tailor get back to work properly. "Sorry about that," he said with a small smile. "You know what fiancé's are like. Gotta check in every ten minutes to make sure you still love 'em."

The tailor laughed and nodded. "Always the way," he agreed, putting a few pins between his lips to make it easier to hold as he used his hands to press the fabric together. The stores bell chimed lightly as Castiel and Dean came in. Castiel holding Dean's hand tightly. They just stood there for a while, waiting the patiently. The tailor still busy with a fussing Gabriel who kept worrying the shape would make him look heavy. It wasn't until Gabriel looked up did he see Castiel in the mirror.

"Fuck me," Gabriel gasped, startling the tailor as he swung around to see Castiel standing sheepishly in the middle of the store. "You-" Gabriel couldn't speak. Castiel was out. Outside. And Dean was here and "Hey! You can't be here," he protested with a pout. "I won't have you spying on me for your little brother."

Not exactly what Castiel had been expecting from his brother but then again. He'd always been the deflator. Never really took anything serious but there was a small glint in his eye that said it all. That Castiel had done the right thing.

I won't. I promise. I'm just here for Cas.

Gabriel looked at the tailor and grinned. "This is my brother. Cas. He's the one I wanted you to suit up. You think you could fit him in with my session instead?" The tailor nodded and Gabriel beamed, going over to Castiel and held his hand out. "I'm so glad you're here. I love having an audience to admire me," he winked, guiding Castiel over to the mirror once he'd taken his hand.

Castiel looked over his shoulder at Dean who just gave him a big smile and a thumbs up in support. Castiel gave a weak smile back and followed Gabriel as he tugged on his hand and made him stand in front of the mirror for the tailor to take his measurements.

"Just take it easy kiddo," Gabriel murmured in his ear when he saw his brother tense. "He's just going to take your measurements. You got out the house, didn't ya? You can do this. I know you can."

Castiel just nodded, letting the stranger measure his pant size. Gabriel sounded really proud of him. He felt good because of that. He'd made Gabriel smile and show him that he could do these things. It took eighteen minutes for the tailor to take his measurements and suit him and pin it in places it'd need to be altered.

The whole time he could see through the mirror Dean was watching him with warm eyes and this little smile that made his dimples show. It made Castiel feel better. The tailor stood back and admired his work, making Castiel spin on the spot so he could check him over. Gabriel nodded in approval before his phone went off again. "It's Kali. I gotta take this," Gabriel said, stepping away so he could talk in private.

The tailor said Castiel could change again into his own clothes and Castiel nodded timidly. He came out a few moments later from the changing room, handing the tailor the suit carefully before walking back over to Dean with a small smile. "I-I did it," he whispered giddily, smiling like an idiot.

Dean grinned back at Castiel, wrapping an arm around his waist and pressed a soft, tender kiss to his temple. They stayed like that for a while, almost lost in their own little world when Gabriel came back out. He almost didn't recognise his little brother. He looked so comfortable in Dean's arms. Like he wasn't afraid anymore. It made his heart swell. His little brother had finally found someone who could support him in a way Gabriel had always failed to do. He took a sly photo on his phone and sent it to Sam. He'd never believe him otherwise.

"Thanks for comin', kiddo," Gabriel finally said, snapping the two out of their dream-like state. "I'm real proud of you," he said before looking up at Dean. "Of both of you." That made Castiel smile and shuffle a little closer in Dean's arms. "Now get outta here before I go all bridezilla on ya."

Castiel smiled sheepishly. He said his goodbyes to Gabriel and went back home with Dean. It was only once they got home did Castiel begin to panic. Letting out everything he'd kept inside whilst at the tailors. He sunk down to the floor in the hallway and let out a huge shaky breath, running his hands through his hair. Dean soon followed him, sinking to his knees in front of him and cupped Castiel's face gently in his hands. He breathed deeply, hoping Castiel would get the idea and follow his lead.

Castiel did. He took three deep breaths and counted to seven before feeling better. He nodded a smiled apologetically at Dean. "I-I'm sorry. I'm just so scared. I-I went outside today. And I was okay." He laughed a little nervously, biting his lip. "It's j-just huge."

Dean pressed his lips to Castiel's forehead, stroking his cheek with his thumb. "I-I... I'm proud of... of you," he stuttered, his eyes roaming over Castiel's face before resting softly on his eyes.

Castiel smiled back, looking breathlessly up at Dean. He was scared and excited. Dean had helped him get back out there and that scared him. He was more confident and happier than he'd been in a long time. He barely recognised himself anymore. He was supposed to be logical and cautious but when three little words escaped his mouth, being the new spontaneous Castiel that he was, he found himself not worrying about the consequence because he'd never heard anything more truer in his life.

"I love you."

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