the couple

part 2 of the crazy ones


10. wedding

*Next day*

Michael wanted the wedding tommrow everyone was and everything was ready Everyone knew what happened and why no one was mad.So everything was fine we picked out wedding rings engraved on them said "forever young love-Michael+Lily!" I loved them I had bought myself a flower veil.


Today had finally came and I was ready Michael stayed away from the beach house so he couldnt see me I had insisted.Hey Im superstisous sonetiems.I had my dress on and hair staightened yeaterday me and Michael bleached are hair blonde.The girls were ready too.I asked my Frien who was 14 to be the flower girl she put on a white dress and when the music played she threw the rainbow pedals on the ground.Then Cynthia and Calum walked the asile.Then Mikayla and Luke.Ash and briana.Louis and Ibeth.Niall and Lindsey!Then wendy!Then here comes the bride plays.I walk down the asile with Liam at my side.I got to the front and Liam kissed my check I slightly blushed and Got up on stage with Michael.The preist went on talking the we said our vows and said" I do" "You may kiss the bride!"he said as we already put the rings on.Then everyone cheered.I blushed and pecked Michaels lips.He smiled.I told everyone I would be back so I could change into something different.I put my light blue flowy dress on and my slip ons.Then I walk back out.I told the DJ "Can you put Same old love by selena gomez he nods.I take Michael and we run since it was slow but fast more people were dancing so we ran to our secret area."Why'd we run?"We have to make this night memrible right?"He laughs "Well yeah!"I kiss his lips.He smiles.I run from him and he follows.Then there was a party in front of me?I waited and Michael catched up."Im checking it out!"He laughs and says "No!"Then I run to the party!I see a girl on a stage."Hey everyone thanks for coming for my birthday party!"I smile.She walks off stage and I walk up to her."Hey are you a fan?"her face lights up "Of course hey for my birthday can you perform real quick please!"I laugh "Of course hun!"I walk on stage "Hello everyone this party is awesome well Im going to be performing a song called

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