Sacrs are not wounds, but stories that have not yet been told. Cover by Moosey.


1. Drop-Offs

It was a hot summer's eve, as two children, one ten months old, the other one year old, sat swaddled in cloth in a park, both having been left by their mothers.

The youngest was a beautiful girl with pine green eyes, pitch black hair, freckles across her nose, and soft pink lips. 

The oldest was a daring boy with platinum blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and tanish skin. 

As the moon peered through the trees, a wolf bounded out of the wood. She picked the two children up by their wrappings and brought them to her house. The wolf's name was Lupa. She raised the children until they were two, then sent them off to Camp Jupiter. 

"Be safe, Rhianna and Jason. Good luck to you. Never believe the old lie, 'Dulce et decorium est pro patria mori.'"

The two children found their way to the camp, and they were welcomed profusely. Immediately after the arrival of Rhianna and Jason, they were put next in line for Praetor. They had the privilege to live in the Senate House, each having their own rooms. However, their own rooms were not needed. The two were such good friends that they wouldn't leave each other's side, and I mean NEVER did they EVER part. They ate together, slept together, trained together, went to the bathroom together, and they even took showers together. They were the greatest of friends, and they loved each other in a special way....... But that's a story for another time....... 

They had the cutest nicknames for each other, Rhianna calls Jason 'Sparky,' and Jason calls Rhianna 'Rhibee.' The legionnaires attempted to separate them at night, and this is how it went down:

"LOOSE CAMPER!!! WE GOT A CAMPER ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!" The female praetor screamed as the sun rose, terrified.


The male praetor ran into Jason's room, seeing two figures asleep, side by side. "I've found them! Some how the little girl found her way into Jason's room....."

This happened on and on and on and on and on again, until the Praetors just gave up on separating them. As for Rhianna and Jason, things went well until Rhianna's second birthday...............

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