Sundown Town

Sundown Town- n. a city, town, or neighborhood in the United States that is purposefully all-white, excluding people of other races.


1. Sundown Town

Officer, please put your gun down

I did nothing but walk this ground.

Officer, please don't shoot

I've done nothing, it's true.

You hate me for my tone-

Not my voice, but what's on my bone-

And you shout, “You are not welcome here!”

Even if this is where I live.


They point in their sundown towns

As we beg for the police to put their guns down.

And why should we be shot

When they can't tell if we've done anything or not?

Why are we to blame?

Because Hitler did the same...

He slaughtered those who he deemed less

While claiming their killers were truly blessed.


So, officer, put your gun down

As I enter the sundown town

Because there has been no crime that I've committed

Than the color of my skin. Admit it.

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