Still the one

Tara a girl who hides and has and abusive father. When a rebel takes interest she opens up until everything goes wrong but then the boy asks for a second chance she is torn between two decisions.


21. It never meant anything to you

Tara's point of view 

I get up take a shower and put on a white tank top that says 100% , black skinny Jeans ripped on the knees , red flannel , black vans , and a beanie I hurry downstairs grab a apple and grab my back pack and head off I throw away the Apple when I get to school I go to my locker and the next thing I see is Ashton with Layla ugh makes me wanna throw up 

Blake-" hi um can you show me room 110" 

I turn around and see a cute boy with black hair and a lip piercing he was cute 

Tara-" sure I'm heading there " 

Blake-" cool" 

Tara-" so where are you from " 

Blake-" California " 

Tara-" awesome " 

Blake-" so what's your name by the way I'm Blake " 

Tara-" well I'm Tara " 

Blake-" your very pretty" 

Tara-" thanks " 

When I walk into the classroom I sit down next to Luke and Laura 

Luke-" who was that " 

Tara-" a friend " 

Laura-" sure what's his name " 

Tara-" Blake " 

Luke-" looks like Ashton has to get use to this " 

Laura-" LUKE!!" 

She slaps his arm 

Luke-" ow! I'm just saying " 

Laura-" you guys should use that for your next song " 

Tara-" yeah it could be a hit " 

Luke-" I'll think about it " 

Hmmmmm I guess I really do like Ashton still but Blake gives me butterflies I'll take a chance with Blake if that could happen 

* after class* 

I close my locker and I see a very unhappy Ashton 

Tara-" what do you want " 

Ashton-" who was that guy with you earlier " 

Tara-" no one you should care about " 

Ashton-" whatever game your playing stop it" 

Tara-" actually I'm not playing anything unlike some people " 

Ashton-" we were broken up so I'm dating someone else " 

Tara-" what do you think I'm trying to Ashton" 

Ashton-" fine do whatever !" 

Tara-" and how about you don't talk to me ever again " 

Ashton-" you pushed the line " 

Tara-" no actually you pushed way too far this time " 

With that I walk away god how can he such a jerk like he was before.


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