Best friends brother

I hated them. They made my blood boil. Just the thought of them made me wanna fucking chop their heads off. Every single one of them were just as bad as the other. If you don't no who I am talking about its Luke Hemings and his little fucking gang. Calum, Michael and Ashton.


7. •Chapter 7•


I wake up to my alarm blaring in my ears. Shit it's Monday. I mumble to myself. I finally pulled myself up out of my bed and dragged my body to the shower. I got out, put on some makeup and got dressed. I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. I grabbed some toast and within seconds of finishing I heard aut pull up in the drive way. I walked out side locking the door behind me.

I jumped into her car. " Luke" she almost screamed. "No Aut it wasn't a date okay" I replied while laughing because she was 'excited'. "Well then what was it" she replied. "I don't no" I replied looking out the window. "Okay, and just saying he couldn't stop talking about you last night" she said, I could feel my cheeks going red.

We pulled up at school and I said goodbye to autumn. I walked to my locker. I grabbed out my books and was about to walk to class when someone from wrapped their arms around my waist. Luke came into my head. I turned around and... It was fucking Harley. "Get the fuck off me"I screamed. Harley was my ex, he cheated on me and I broke it off. "Babe I want you back" he exclaimed whining. "Ugh get off you ass hole" I yelled as I tried to pull away. But his grip just got stronger.

"We're skipping" he whispered into my ear. "Get away from me" I yelled hoping someone would hear me. Harley dragged me out side, and into his car.

"We're are we Luke" I said as I woke up. I had no idea where I was and my head was throbbing. I was in a dark room. "Hello Luke" I yelled. But no answer. Then it came back to me. Harley... He took me away with him in his car.

"Oh sweetie, no one will hear you, not even your little boyfriend Luke fucking Hemmings" I heard a deep boice say from behind me. I tried to move but i was stuck, tied up to a chair. "Harley, let me go" I screamed. He came right up in my face, "only if you give me what I want" he whispered in my ear. "Fuck off" I yelled and spat in his face.

I saw his hand coming closer and bang. He slapped me I felt the pain rush through my cheek. "Darling don't you ever do that to me again" he spat through his teeth.


I got to school and ran up to Aut. "Hey where is crystal need to ask her something" I asked her. "Haven't seen her since I dropped her off this morning" she replied. "Okay" I said quietly. I was worried she would never skip. She's not like that. English and history had passed and still no sign of crystal. It was now lunch and I was with the boys. "Hey guys have you seen crystal today" I asked. "Yeah she was with Harley this morning, she got into his car, she was trying to get away" Ashton exclaimed. "What the fuck ash, if you could see she was struggling why wouldn't you go and get her, for fucks sake" I yelled.

I needed to go and find her, I know what Harley turned into after she broke up with him. I didn't want her anywhere near him. I grabbed Calum and we got into the car and headed for his house.


Harley had gone to the bathroom, when there was a faint knock from upstairs. Harley rushed out and went and got it. I heard yelling and screaming from upstairs then a bang on the ground. I couldn't tell who it was until I heard them say " she has to fucking be here" it was Luke. I yelled and screamed so he could hear that I was down here. Luke opens the door and ran down to where I was. He untied me. I hugged him for about 5 minutes. I could feel tears going down my cheek. "Thank you so much" I whimpered. "Babe it's okay" he replied. I walked upstairs with Calum in front of me and and Luke behind. We got outside and Luke called the police.

After they came, I ad to answer some questions and things. After about half an hour, Luke dropped Calum back at school. Luke and I drove back to his house and we went inside. I went upstairs to shower. Luke gave me one of his shirts and some sweats to wear.

I came back down stairs and saw him on the couch with no shirt on. Holy fuck. He's muscly. I went and sat down next to him, I buried my head into his chest, his arms around me. After a while I found myself drifting off to sleep.

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