Irwin's Sister

My Name is Chelsey Irwin. I am Ashton Irwin's Twin Sister!

Book 2 of my sister series.


16. Our Morning In London

    Now we are back on the bus to go to London. 12 long hours on a bus await us. Looks like a 12 cuddle time with Luke, which honestly doesn’t seem all that bad.  “Lukey, can we cuddle for the rest of this boring bus ride?” “Sure babe.” “Has our girl started moving yet?” “Yes, it’s crazy! I wouldn’t trade it for the world though.” “Wow.” “Babe, what time is soundcheck?” “5:30.” A.M. or P.M.?” “A.M. babe. We are doing 2 shows today. One at the venue and a session with BBC Radio 1.” “Good God! I’m never up that early!” “I don’t think anyone is up at that hour, and if anyone is, unless they are getting ready for work or school, they’re crazy!” “Well because we have to get up at the ass crack of dawn, I’m going to bed.” “Ok babe.” I sleep in the back lounge for no reason, just like it there. When I’m almost passed out, I hear “She’s so beautiful when she sleeps.” I know it’s Luke but I have no clue who he’s talking to.  “I know she is Luke. If you hadn’t got a jump on things and asked her out I would have.” “Michael, I know you would’ve, she’s too beautiful to pass up!”     Now we are in London and I wake up to an air horn, which I was told wouldn’t be used to wake someone up. “What the hell!” “Babe, Cal wouldn’t wake up, we had no choice.” “Ok. I literally flipped out! You could’ve gotten me up first.” “I know babe, I had literally just gotten up as well and Ash and Mikey were working on Cal, and asked me to get the air horn.” “That’s different. It’s fine. What time is it anyways?” “3:30, We actually had to be at the BBC studio at 5, found that out when Ash got me up.” “Oh, wow, I’m gonna do something with my hair, I’ll be back.” “Ok.”     I put my hair up in a bun and leave a few pieces out and curl them. I go select an outfit for today. I end up coming out with ripped jeans and Luke’s Nirvana t-shirt.  “Is that my shirt?” “Yes,” “It’s very long on you babe, why don’t you find something else?” “Ok babe”     I go back and find a pink lacy tank top and my black cardigan. “You look great babe, the only thing that I can think of to make you look even better is to just curl all of your hair if you have time.” “I don’t have time, curling my hair takes forever.” “Ok, you look fine. We gotta get going.” “Ok.”     The studio is like right across the street from our hotel so we walk over. When we get inside I can’t believe how early it actually is, we’re early, like 25 minutes early. “Babe, wanna stay here or go to Starbucks with me and get coffee or some sort of caffeine?” “Caffeine!”     We go back to the hotel and get coffee and none of the boys realized we were gone until we got back. “When did you leave?” Everyone asked “Like 5 minutes ago.” “Seems like y’all can somehow be sneaky at like 4:30 in the morning!"  “We thought y’all knew where we were, apparently you didn’t.” “Babe, i’m like half asleep still.” “If you wanna go back to the hotel and sleep thats fine babe." “I don't wanna be without you though." “Babe, I get that, but you obviously need to go to sleep, so go sleep with One Direction if you want. Ill have Louis come get you, he’ll stay in the bus with you.” “Were you going to play Safety Pin?” “We weren’t planning on it here, but tonight we are.” “Ok, I will sleep then.”     Louis gets here so fast and Luke puts me to bed. I don’t know how long i’m asleep for, but it’s long enough for the boys to plan a surprise birthday party for me. “Guys, I said no party! I can’t get wasted like y’all can, i’m pregnant!!"   “We get that but want you to have a fantastic birthday, you’re 20, it has to be huge! “Fine, but y’all aren’t allowed to drink, because I can’t!” “What about the non-achoholic cocktails you like? “That’s fine.” “Are you coming tonight?” “Yeah, why wouldn’t I?" “I thought maybe you didn’t wanna spend your birthday in a venue.” “Well, I definitely don’t wanna spend it in a tour bus!"   “Makes sense, are you gonna sit on the stage tonight?" “Sure babe, I will, I don’t wanna play tonight though, I want the concert that it’s my birthday on to be different.” “Ok babe. well we should probably get going, and my mom has a surprise for you." “Yeah we should, and fantastic, but I said no presents. “None of us follow the rules, we always get gifts.”     We go to the bus and Liz is there waiting for us. “Chelsey, I know you said no presents, but I decided not to listen.” “That’s fine Liz.”     Liz gives me a present wrapped in penguin wrapping paper. Inside the box is a very formal purple dress dress. “It’s for tonight, and wear it for the concert as well.” “I love it Liz, it’s perfect.”     Everyone chose to not listen and get presents.  “Babe, I couldn’t help myself.”  “Babe, don’t worry about it, I bet I’ll love it.”     I open the box and inside is a necklace with a charm that's engraved with “Chelsey you are my everything, I love you so much” “Babe it’s so beautiful, can you put it on me?”     Luke puts the necklace on me. Now Ash has a present for me too. I open the present and inside is a giant penguin. “Ash, how did you know what to get me? “Luke calls you his penguin, so I thought why not.”     Michael has a gift for me as well. I open it and inside is a snapback… I love snapbacks. “Thanks Mikey! I love snapbacks,” “I’m glad.”     Now Cal has a present for me. I open the box and inside is a phone case with a penguin on it and says. “I’m Luke’s Penguin” “I love it Cal.” “I thought it would be cute because Luke is always calling you his little penguin."     Now we are at the venue, and I need to go into hair and makeup. The dress that Liz got Chelsey


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