Gothel: A Disney Villian Orgins Novel

Fierce wrinkles rose across the angry woman's cheeks as she plunged the dagger though the man's chest. Rapunzel cried out and Mother Gothel sneered, letting the body fall to the ground, leaving the child to weep over her true love. Gothel was not always like this: cruel, selfish, manipulative, distrustful and arrogant. She was once different, maybe even good, for it was once said, no one is born evil. This is the true story of Mother Gothel.

1. Gothel

It was a bright sunny day, which meant Gothel was up early. She strolled along the streets, bidding good morning to her neighbors. Gothel lived in the inner sector of Corona, on the second floor of her father's medicinal shop.  She loved where she lived because it meant she could be in the middle of everything. She always knew what was going on everywhere. 

There she strolled, down the main alley of her sector. Despite it being an Island, Corona was a big place! Main areas were divided into sectors, and the palace was central to everything. As she walked, she could smell the warm scent of baking bread on the breeze. Following her nose, she found herself standing in front and center of the Baker's shop. After checking her reflection quickly in the display window, she pushed open the carved wood door and entered the bakery. The inside of the shop was warm and cozily decorated. Two display cases stood at the back of the shop. An ice trough underneath both displays kept the fragile frosting of the sweet cakes from melting. "Good Morning Fredrick!" Gothic cried out at the sight of the handsome baker. 

"Goodmorning to you too Gothel. How goes it at your fathers store?" Fredrick asked. Although Gothel was slightly sore that the man was more interested in father's shop than her own interesting life, she replied anyway.

"Quite well actually. Since last winter's epidemic, he's been selling his stock like crazy. It's horrible to say the epidemic was a good thing, but it was very beneficial to us," Fredrick nods understandingly. At that he reaches down into the display cabinet and pulls out a small frosted sweet cake with an icing rose. 

"For you," He said as he handed Gothel the delicate cake. She flushed slightly, excited by his sweet gift. 

"Thank you," She replied, a sweet smile spreading across her face. "You have the bread ready as well?"

"Oh yes! I almost forgot!" Fredrick replied as he disappeared into the back room, returning with several fresh loves wrapped in thin paper. 

"Oh thank you! Father will be delighted!" She cried as the handsome baker handed her the warm package.

Making her way out of the shop, cake and bread neatly tucked into her large, flat wicker basket, she smiled to herself.


"Gothel!" A feminine voice called out as she walked down the street. Turning on her heel, Gothel saw the body of the voice. It was just old Mrs. Higgins. 

"Mrs. Higgins!" Gothel cried out. "How very nice to see you!" The old woman smiled as she looked at Gothel. 

"Such a pretty girl you are! You know my son is still looking for a wife!" She said, raising her shoulders in suggestion. Gothel blushed fiercely at the thought of marring Mrs. Higgins son. He was thirty! Well a senior to Gothel's seventeen years. 

"Oh thank you," Gothel said uneasily in response to the woman's compliment.

"It's true dear! Look at that hair!" She cried as she patted Gothel's head of curly, thick black locks, now loosely tied back in a purple ribbon. Gothel managed a slight laugh, but didn't really mean it. Although in actuality her hair was quite beautiful, she didn't believe it for a second. 

"Oh my hair is untamable!" Gothel complained and the old woman tisked her.

"No talk like that now! You are completely lovely, your hair included! Now I want you to give this to your father," Mrs. Higgins said, handing Gothel a small vial of translucent, water like liquid, with a long, thin, leather strap noosed around the bottle's neck. 

"Very well then," Gothel said, taking the bottle from the woman's old, shaking hands and thus placing it in her wide basket. "I must get going now, but thank you for stopping me. It was nice to see you again Mrs. Higgins,"

"You as well my dear Gothel," She said as the young, black haired woman walked away. 

Walking down the lane, Gothel took in the many sights around her. On either side of the street stood tall cramped two story buildings, storefronts filling up the street level, and windows marking the occupied upper living floors, the general layout of this sector of Verona. Above the stores rose the massive castle of Verona, its spires piercing the sky. Gothel was happy to have a view of this side of the castle. A large portion of opposite side had been wrecked twenty years ago by the war with Arendelle, a distant country in the North. The repair was going very slowly, the signs of the deep scar still freshly visible. The war, as Gothel had been told by her father was a terrible battle with much suffering and blood shed. Many had to close their shops, go into hiding or support the war effort. Decades later, the effects were still visible, although not as sensitive as they used to be. Apparently the countries had settled on peace by marring off the young princess to the King of Arendelle. The thought sickened Gothel. She would not be happy being sent away to some strange country to marry a man she didn't even know. She would wait for her perfect future husband, right here in Corona. Of course, there were already many options, for one the Baker was infatuated with her as far as she could tell, and already Mrs. Higgins old son had proposed. Gothel had turned the man down of course. Gothel believed true love would find her someday, and she had certainly felt no affection for this man, dashing as he was. Taking her thoughts off future romance and boring suitors, she stared up into the warm sky, still colorful from the sunrise. She loved the look of it. Always changing with the clouds, the colors infected her mind and made her feel hope, hope for her future love.



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