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Covers available for original works and fanfictions :) I don't have much time at the moment so I can't deal with high volumes of requests. You may have to wait a while for your cover but I'll try my best.


1. The Boring Stuff

For the next few weeks, I'm going to be offering free Movellas covers to anyone who asks for one.
If you'd like a cover, read the boring T&Cs below, have a browse through the examples I've got to offer, then fill in the requests form and leave it in the comments.

Terms and Conditions

1. I am happy to do covers for any genre of fiction or fan fiction, but please use the correct form for your request.
2. I won't be making anything of explicit or "mature" nature.
3. These covers are for personal use only, and must not be used as cover designs for any competition entry
4. You may provide your own image, but I can't promise to use it.
5. Credit is not required (because I know how much a link can mess up your blurb), but would be appreciated.
6. You don't have to use the cover I make for you.
7. I reserve the right to refuse to make a cover or close the store at any time. 
8. If you are not happy with your cover, I am happy to remake it with any tweaks you may request. However, I make them on photoshop and save them as JPEGs so remade covers may look different to the original.
9. I will try and do requests as I get them, but if this store gets busy then I may impose a cap on designs. I will state this here, or temporarily close the store while I work on the covers.

Some extra things to note:
- I try to use the majority of images and fonts from copyright-free sources. However some images and most of the fonts I use will have copyrights attached and for that reason, covers are for personal use only. If there is any chance of your story being published, then I take no responsibility for any decision you may make to use my cover.
- To keep it simple, you may only use the cover/s I make for you on, other free story-hosting websites (AO3,, ect) or on a FREE ebook of your story.

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