The video game M.C/L.P

Meet Abigail. Brown haired, blued eyed gamer.

But what happens when she please a random game she found?

What happens when she "lives" the game?

What happens when she meets two of the most famous people in the world?

What happens when she has to fight for her life?

Find out in 'the video game'


2. ch.2

My eyes widened as the voice slowly faded away. I looked around the room.

1 of the boys had colored hair and green eyes

The other boy had brown hair and brown eyes

1 of the girls had brown hair and brown eyes

Suddenly a hole appeared in the middle of the room. Everyone avoids eye contact and goes to the hole

Suddenly everyone looks up at each other

Girl: how'd we get here?

Boy 1: I don't know I found a game called ' killer ' I wanted to play it with Liam and then we just ended up here

The other boy nods

Girl: my name is Miranda.

Boy 1: Michael

Boy 2: Liam

Miranda: what's your name?

Me: mine?

Michael: yeah. Yours

Me: Abigail. Call me Abby.

They nod.

Suddenly we all fall. We start yelling in fear. We land on a hard floor with a thud. We all groan. I sit up and look around while everyone else stands up

Liam: need help?

He ask holding out his hand

Me: sure.

I say grabbing his hand standing up. He smiles at me. I smile back and take my hand away.

Michael: what is this place?

Voice: y'all have a 2 day grace period. After that it's a fight to the death.

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