The video game M.C/L.P

Meet Abigail. Brown haired, blued eyed gamer.

But what happens when she please a random game she found?

What happens when she "lives" the game?

What happens when she meets two of the most famous people in the world?

What happens when she has to fight for her life?

Find out in 'the video game'


1. ch 1.

I rush home. My brown hair in my face. I quickly go to my room and put my backpack on my bed.

On my way home I had found some weird video game. A game called ' killer ' it was weird but as a gamer I just wanted new games to win

I put my hair in a ponytail and put the game in my PS3. I turn on my system and go to the game. It took a while to load but I didn't mind.

After a while it finally started. Suddenly, my bedroom door opened and I saw my little brother, Sam.

Sam: hey. What's up?

Me: nothing much. Just playing a new game.

Sam: what's it called?

Me: ' killer ' I don't know what it's about just wanna play it.

Sam: okay. Don't play to late. Remember mom and dad limited your game time

Me: yes I know. Now go do your homework.

He nods and leaves my room closing the door behind him.

I smile and grab the controller and press 'start' . Suddenly the screen goes black.

I get up and go to the PS and look at it suddenly the tv turned blue with yellow letters saying 'touch screen to continue'

Me: this is so weird.

I think in my mind. I do as the words say and lightly touch my tv screen and suddenly my vision went black.

*about 1 or 2 hours later*

I wake up. My eyes needing to adjust to the light since I was in an all white room. I sit up and look around. I was the only person there.

Suddenly a glass door appears. I get up and go to it. I slowly open it and see like a parkish looking setting. Suddenly I see 4 other people.

2 boys and 1 girl.

Suddenly a deep voice spoke

Voice: attention players! This is a fight to the death. May the last player standing win. Let the games begin!

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