Laid Low


1. Laid Low

Laid low in the river, I make my grave.

Sittin' high in the rafters ravens call my name,

But my ears have long gone deaf

And if I had what they want then I have nothing left.

I'm impressed, I confess, as they choke out my name,

But I'm laid low and I've already dug my grave.


So hide in the rafters like the big black birds

And play your music and take your turn,

But don't call on me. Don't use my name.

Unless you're coming to the river to dig up my remains.


I'm laid low. Call the undertaker and give my regards-

And I know I'm a donor but don't take my heart.

Let it beat 'til it stops and it pulls me down

Into the river. I can't swim so I guess I'll drown.

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