Sometimes you meet someone and your whole world changes in an instant; for a while everything is somehow brighter and sweeter, and you've never known happiness like this. But sometimes you can try your hardest but things just don't work out. Even though the darkness closes in, light will always find a way to return.


1. "Reaching as I fall, I know it's already over"

It still hurts

Your face still clouds my mind

Your gaze still fills my dreams

But I will be ok


I'm still angry

Your voice still fills the silence

Your words still hang in the air

But I will be ok


I still cry

I still remember the feel of your body against mine

I still taste the smile on your lips

But I will be ok


I'm still not good enough

I still see you with her

I still feel the coldness in the distance between us

But I will be ok


I'm still here

I still have scars that you will never see

I'm still fallen from grace

But I will be ok


I'm still awake

The world still spins beneath the stars

I'm still one among seven billion others

But I will be ok


I still smile

The light still battles the dark

I still resist taking up the blade

Life still goes on

And I will be ok

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