Matrem. This is my name. I was created to nurture and watch over mankind's greatest treasure during operation cleanup and recolonize. I speak of their children. It hasn’t been long since man abandoned earth, planing to never return. It has been one day, and already with no humans left on earth, I have no purpose. All Matrem robots were left on earth along with all the uncleaned garbage created by man. Many other robots were created and left as well. The most common being wall-e. They are in the process of cleaning earth, a task that would best be accomplished if man were here to to do it himself.


1. 2110 A.D.

“Hey there autopilots, got some bad news. Umm, operation cleanup has, well, uh, failed. You know, rising toxicity levels have made life unsustainable on earth. Darn it all, we’re going to have to cancel operation recolonize. So, uh, just stay the course, umm, rather than try and fix this problem it’ll be easier for everyone to remain in space.” “Mr. President, sir, sorry, time to go.” “Okay I’m giving override directive A113, go to full autopilot, take control of everything, and do not return to earth. Repeat, do not return to earth. Let’s get the heck out of here.”
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