An Open Letter from 3056

A Sci-Fi poem for the feature week competition.
Ever wondered about the distant future? It's nothing special.


1. An open letter from 3056

From the future:

Urgent letter

(Read carefully)

If lost please return to

The portal underneath Stonehenge

If received, read quickly;

This letter will self-detonate five minutes after being opened!


No one says ‘cool’ no longer,

And no one ever wears jeans.

Corporations have only grown stronger

and all phones are now answered by machines.

Anarchy’s all the rage now

Among elderly and disabled citizens-

The moon is out on a loan now

To anyone who can make posters big enough.


All music is autotuned

And all sport is robotic.

Google has just bought Skynet

and everyone owns a rocket.

Housing is cheap on satellites,

But getting down is more of a problem.

Hyperspace is just down the road now

First exit off the roundabout, turn right at the estate agents’.


Aliens invaded last Thursday

But quickly buggered off-

They took with them an electric guitar

And a lonely-looking Goth.

The Orchestra’s a thing of the future now

You should see them all in a concert

You’ll have tears in your eyes when it’s time for a bow-

There’s a load of Desktop Computers on one side, tons of tablets in the middle, and sacks-o-phones on the other side (get it?)

I’d love to keep on writing

But I’m about to be cut short-

A holiday to Mars looks inviting

And I’m about to teleport.

Letters to the past are a tedious business

I’d highly recommend against it

There’s extra cost for arrival at Christmas

And a 1,390 character limi

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