No one can know

Kylee's parents are very overprotective but once she falls in love with school bad boy she doesn't know if she can keep her secret!


6. sweatpants

Kylee's POV

I blast Blink-182 and take the knife to my wrist. One. I scream in pain. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. I drop the knife and cry till I can't anymore. I grab my phone and the bag of chips and watch One Tree Hill till 11:30.

"Oh shit Luke." I whisper yell.

I listen to my parents down stairs arguing and throwing things at each other. It's 11:50. I sneak out the window and crawl down the ladder hidden in the ivy. Just don't ask. I run to the park realizing that my makeup was smeared and I was still in my sweatpants and socks. I was freezing in a just a tank top. 11:59. I sit on the swing.

"I'd thought you come." I hear a voice come through the tunneled slide.

I jumped trying to fix my makeup.

"Shit Luke u scared me"

"Sorry babe, but you don't know how hot you look in those sweatpants."


I changed my name bc idk

Sweatpants are baeee


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