Welcome To My World

An insight into the trials, tribulations and joys of an 18 year old depressed, fibromyalgic and bereaved Aspergirl.


1. Introductions

It has always been my ambition to help people. I have fallen in love with many different vocations in the past, and performing arts and musical theatre do still rank in the top reaches of what I would love to do in the future. Many people have pushed me towards a theatrical profession and at eighteen years of age I do still "umm" and "aah" about it. Often I think about going into theatre and performance as a career, but then I think about the amount of drive and ambition needed to make it in that business and although I do have that volume of drive, it is for something else. I realised that my drive is for helping people and making them happy. Unfortunately, after months of deliberation, I still couldn't think of a way in which to do that, whether it be making people happy or simply helping them. And then I thought about it, if I could make a difference to just one or two people, even if I didn't know them or know that anything I had done had directly made a difference, at least it would be a start. And that start begins right here, with this book.

This book will 

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