Just Plain Old Me

My diary for all of the world to see. Just plain old me.


2. Day 1 - 22/08/15

Dear Bob,

School is almost here and I honestly cannot wait. I've always been the girl who gets bored of Summer pretty quickly so some things never change I guess. I covered all my books and stuff. I hope I get into classes with my friends and with good teachers, I'll be annoyed if all my friends happen to be in the same classes except me. Less than two weeks :)

The real reason I hate Summer is because I do barely anything. If I ask my mum to go anywhere, she makes a big deal out of it. Plus, she'd give me money and my family's financial status is not something to be envious of. Basically we're poor. Because of this, we stay home all day doing nothing.

My brother Kyle and my sister Belle are both heading off to University and things will be weird. It's not like they're moving or anything, they'll be driving up to Uni but still, it's weird. I'm thankful they're not moving out though because I don't think I would survive living with them on my own.

I'm the youngest. The pressure on me to succeed is huge. I might use this as like a study tracker maybe. When school is over, I'd love to be a teacher or maybe a translator. I have years though so that might change. I'd also like to be a journalist.

My name is Belle, by the way. Not really, a pen name but still. And you're my diary. I just realized I never wrote dear diary. Dear Diary is kind of overused. Would it be weird if I gave you a name? I guess I'm weird then. I'm naming you Bob. I'll edit in Dear Bob at the top now. *edits in*

So, um, yeah. That's all I have for now I guess. Today, like every day, wasn't very exciting. Bye Bob.

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