Death's Bride

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1. Chapter One

Another day of school and another day of misery. In the countryside, beauty is everywhere and May is always warm and sunny, but I couldn't help my negativity. My birthday is coming up soon. I'd love to be hopeful, but it's just another day for my step-family to torment me. I never got to be treated equal to my half-brother or my step-brother since I wasn't my step-mother's daughter. She'd always wanted a one of her own, but instead she has me and Rosa. She likes to do my nails and hair every once in a while, but I understand that it's her way of playing at being a good mom. I guess everyone is an actor sometimes. I play at being put together and not caring for most of my life about being completely ignored or lashed out at since I'm never anyone's favorite. My sister has it hard too, but, at least, she can hold onto her fantasies about things getting better and how our mom is so perfect. Our mom always favored her over me, though, so, I suppose, no matter what my sister will still think highly of her. Just because she is younger and the last kid my mom conceived shouldn't mean she is treated better, but that wouldn't change the reality of things.

There are people who care, I just never get to see them. My grandfather has always meant the world to me, but he's always sick and I never get to visit him. He began to be Ill and having major health problems back in 2000. Now he constantly is coughing things up and something as common as fireworks could cause him to need to go to the hospital due to heart problems. I haven't seen him in over a year, but I know it's not his fault. In fact, he'd probably have me at his house visiting him as often as possible. I last stayed with him almost a year ago during the summer. Rosa didn't even spend that summer with him since she decided she'd rather spend it with her mom. The doctors' said he'd die any day for years now. The idea has haunted me in my dreams, even though he hasn't passed away yet. Our mom is perfectly healthy and able to interact with us any day she wanted. Yet, Rosa practically worships the ground she walks on and wouldn't consider spending time with anyone else.

Our grandma was also one of Rosa's favorite people, but not nearly as much so as her mom. She stayed at home for the first week at our grandparents and Rosa was content with stealing all her attention for that abandoned us. I was relieved to be without her since we stopped getting along a while ago. I tried to support my grandmother and make up something exciting for when she came home from work. A few hours before she would come home, I would make her and I an ice cream sundae using different things like hot fudge or graham crackers and these fancy, clear, glass sundae cups. I would even pick out a movie and get drinks for us. When she got home, she'd go back out to get my uncle from his work and drop him off at his apartment. When she got back she'd be stressed out and would relax while we talked and ate, watching the movie of the night. She usually ended up tired before the movie finished. So, I always finished the movie by myself before going up to my room. It wasn't much, but it was all I could do.

In a way it made sense I was closer to my grandfather since he didn't work and there was more time to spend with me, but it wasn't clear why we were so close. I'd always been a klutz and would wind up breaking things like a pickle jar or one of his many glass figurines. I'd always wind up bursting into tears and it would cause him to get frustrated with me. He wasn't one of those people who consoled people and had quite a temper. He never got too angry with me, though, but he had his patience tested by me. He just wanted me to be careful next time and to stop being upset and blaming myself. I'd always had this habit of blaming myself and thinking I am worthless and punishing myself much worse than anyone else ever could. He seemed to understand me and knew this, even though nobody else did. He never demanded I do anything for him, but I always took care of him. Even as a young child, I always felt like I needed to take care of my grandfather. After all, he got sick when I was four and I already cared a lot about him. I'd get him ice and sometimes help cook him his meals and bring his food into him. Most of the time I spent with him was boring and spent doing things like sitting outside watching cars pass by the house. When I look back it was nice and peaceful like stopping to watch life pass us by. There wasn't much to our relationship, but I was closer to him than any other family member.

When I was four years old is when my life was torn apart and I had to settle with what was left. My mom and dad got divorced and were fighting a lot. Me and my sister moved in with my grandparents. It was hard for my sister to deal with the next few years, but I feel like she had it easier than me. My dad got together with the same woman who is now my step-mother a few years after my mom and he got divorced. Me and my sister were torn apart from each other since she was taken in by my mom and I was taken in by my dad and his girlfriend who I called Miss Beth. At the time it was just me, my dad, Miss Beth and her son Steven. That was back when I was in kindergarten and I wound up being close to Steven. He was the only one I had since I was so young and just starting school. We played games and caused trouble together. At first everything was okay and was easy enough to accept. I didn't see my mom or Rosa often. My mom started dating a new guy by the time I saw her and my sister, but there wasn't a lot of space in their apartment.

It wasn't long after I got to visit them that my sister stopped living with our mom. She moved in with me, Steven, dad, and Miss Beth. Steven stopped being as close since he started playing with Rosa. So I started just playing with myself and a bear I had been given by someone or the other. I named her Purple Bear and she was my best friend at that age. I was bullied not long after I got her too. It felt like the school was doing it too since everywhere I turned someone had something nasty to say. It wasn't pleasant at all. My sister was also being bullied, but she decided she could not care less. She also had Steven and she still believed in our mom. I stopped being able to be sure about them since she promised me and my sister she would pick us up or call and then not do so. I had problems at home too. Steven and Rosa hid food behind the television and Miss Beth would make us stand in the corner for hours until someone admitted to doing so. I was never guilty, but my sister and Steven would never admit to it being them. Steven would admit it first after a few hours or try to anyways, but Rosa would wait for hours and hours and still not want to admit it until it was bed time. After some time my dad and Miss Beth argued and my dad moved out.

Rosa and I moved in with our grandparents again and my dad moved in with a friend of his in a complete other state. My sister and I still visited Miss Beth and Steven. Looking back, I'm not sure if it was even me who wanted to visit, but I suppose that's besides the point. After maybe a year my dad got engaged to Miss Beth and we all moved back in together. This time it was worse for me and my sister was just getting more stubborn. We'd sometimes get grounded in the corner and have to stand in it at any time we weren't at school, eating, or sleeping. This would go on sometimes for a month at a time. We didn't get spanked by Miss Beth in the normal way, but instead beat with a brush she sometimes broke over us. She said it was because her hand was weak and she'd hurt herself by spanking us without a paddle or brush. Steven began to be closer to me again than Rosa because he was into playing cards and I was always better at understanding the games and would give a good competition even if he was cheating. My sister was convinced I hated her and that I had long ago stopped playing with her. She had never wanted to play games with me anymore since I usually got to pick the game and I had a better job of imagining things. I still had my Purple Bear and even gained a new one that was pocket-sized that I named Baby Pink Bear. I got her with 50 cents with my grandpa. She was actually a koala, but I didn't really care. I was still being bullied in school and it even got worse. This was the way it went wherever I went.

My dad wound up breaking up with Miss Beth again, but not before our half-brother Jonah was born. Me and Rosa wound up moving back in with our grandparents again and my dad back in with the same friend again. This time it was a few years we were with our grandparents, but I had already become a broken, hardened, crueler person and thought that Miss Beth was a witch. Our mom saw us more when we moved in with our grandparents again, but I already had stopped trusting her. She always broke her promises and she wasn't a good person in my eyes. My sister, Rosa, didn't even have to think a second before forgiving her. I caused trouble in school and was rebellious all the time. If it hadn't been for my grandfather, I never would have gotten over that phase. I still wasn't getting the best grades and was struggling to get accustomed to life when my dad moved back into town.

My sister and I moved into an apartment just down the street from my grandparents with my dad. By this time I had a bad temper and Rosa kept testing it. I would try to avoid hitting my sister and just threaten and yell at her because she wouldn't be quiet at night, but she just got worse. I'd always wind up lashing out and hitting her. I didn't like being that person, but it was the only way I knew how to solve my problems. I was still getting bad grades, but they were improving. During the beginning of my fifth grade year, my dad began talking to Miss Beth again. By Thanksgiving, we were going over to visit her. She was now living with her mom in the countryside about an hour away from where we lived. My grandfather had told my dad he didn't think he should be getting involved with Beth again, but this seemed to only make my dad insist on being with her. Right away I had issues with Miss Beth. She and her mom were accusing me of saying things that I hadn't said; making me look bad. Since I had already been causing my dad trouble; he chose to believe them.

My last report card before I moved to their house in February didn't help my case since it was all A's and B's. It said that Miss Beth was helping me to be a better person already. It wasn't true. I just had thrown myself into my school work as an escape from all the trouble I was having outside of school. I was determined to not mess up at my new school and decided I wanted to make a positive reputation for myself at my new school. I had already had practice not talking or laughing due to all the bullying at my old school. I chose to talk as little as possible and throw myself into my school work. It was a good thing too since the abuse started not long after I moved there. I never so much as heard a phone call from my mom by that time. It was too little too late for me, however, and her few phone calls and few trips out there to get us at first wasn't enough to make me change my mind. By that time she was happily married to the boyfriend she had all those years ago. I wasn't made fun of at this school, but I didn't really have any friends until the middle of my 7th grade year. It during the summer that I had spent with my grandparents, but since then they had moved farther away and my grandfather had gotten even sicker.

The friends I had made found me at a valentine's dance on a Friday the 13th. I suppose it's kind of funny since that day is supposed to be bad luck. I don't even know why I went to dances since I didn't have any friends or a boyfriend. I guess maybe it was better than staying home where the abuse got worse each and everyday. The girls had dragged me around and made me hang out with them the whole time then and the days following that until I willingly hung out with them. I suppose I'm just lucky I found such a great group of girls to adopt me. I remember the music was so loud you could barely hear anything over it even if you were screaming. There were colorful lights flashing and it was in the gym. I usually hated the gym since I had fitness, which is much worse than any P.E. class I had ever had. They took it seriously her that's for sure. One of the girls from the group had come over and said "Hey, my names Molly. What's yours?" I was annoyed since I didn't really know anyone and thought it was a bad idea to get involved with anyone, but was bored so went along with it. "It's Maela." She smiled and said "That's a pretty name. Do you want to come hang out with me and a couple of other girls. You look pretty lonely over here." I don't know why, but I said "Yeah, sure, why not?" After that any time I tried to walk away and hang out by myself she'd come back and drag me to the group. There were five of them including her: Chelsea, Cassady, Bridget, Molly, and another girl who stopped being in the group not long after. I don't remember her name since I'd only seen her once or twice over the week she was still even at the school since she had gotten into an argument with one of the girls. turns out Chelsea was the one who had seen me, but Molly had been the one to drag me around the whole time. Molly was persistent, but friendly. She wasn't even the type to be so straight forward except with her friends, so I wound up liking her almost immediately. I found it hard to trust people and thought no one would want to hang out with me, but I'm glad they did. It made my life so much easier, which was good since things got much worse soon after meeting them.

You know I would have thought I could have trusted my step-brother Steven, but turns out I couldn't. One day when it was just me, him, and Rosa he decided it was his turn to use me. He waited until Rosa was outside and then caught me in my room. He held me down and molested me. The worse part is it's happened seven times now. Every time the parents are out and Rosa is here. Thing is once Rosa saw it, but didn't care and just went into the kitchen to stuff her face full of food. That's just it is she was already overweight from her love of eating and she'd rather eat then help me. I had long ago stopped hitting her after being here and being abused, but she still couldn't help me. She claims she doesn't know what I'm talking about. No matter how much I scream, say no, kick, squirm, or anything else I was helpless. I'm lucky to still be a virgin, but how much longer will that be? That's why when I stopped reveling in my past and the bus stopped in front of my house I panicked.

The parent's cars were gone and I wasn't looking forward to being there if Steven was there still. Rosa wouldn't even be there since she had a Doctor's appointment. Steven just loved to chase me with knifes, cuss me out, and worse. So why shouldn't I be worried? it's not like they'd believe me if I told them about Steven. Miss Beth loved him since he was actually hers. He was a model brother to our brothers Ethan and Jonah. Ethan was born not long after my dad and her married. I loved Ethan even though I hated having to babysit him all the time. He bites, scratches, pinches, hits, kicks, and more all the time. I probably wouldn't mind if it wasn't taking place during the time I needed to do my homework, but no my step-mom seemed to feel like that wasn't important enough, even though she demanded I keep up my honor roll that she loved to brag about. It's not my fault her son had ADHD and couldn't maintain his grades or that my sister was forgetful and lazy so wouldn't work on her stuff. Well, I'm inside and I don't see him. I look around quickly in all the rooms and don't see him. I choose to work on my chores since I have no homework today. My step-mom insists on shoving all the chores off on me and Rosa. I think it's stupid how her laziness is ruining my life. Honestly, I think that laziness keeps you from living your life to its fullest.

I'm just taking out the trash and it's getting dark. Sometimes they don't get home until late at night near bed time, but I'm still relieved since it means I get the peace that comes without them. Suddenly I hear a rustling in the bushes near the trash cans. Since it's the countryside it's not unusual for there to be animals, but I'm getting a bad feeling about whatever is in those bushes. As I get closer to the bushes I see what it is. I drop the bag of trash when I see what it is and I back up and tremble in fear at what lies before me.

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