Stonewood Academy

Stonewood Academy, A prestigious boarding school in Bath, England is not all that it seems. What happens when three americans except full ride scholarships to this mysterious school?

Reign as Thea
Sophia Fletcher as Juliet
Angelo W. Chute as Oliver


1. The Scholorship

JULIET: “Juliet Regan O’Connolly I am going to miss you so much!” My mom says as we walk through the airport terminal. She always uses my full name when she’s stern or emotional.

“I’ll miss you too mom,” I say, and give her a hug.

“See you later, my beautiful girl,” Dad says wrapping me into a hug and handing me my carry on. Dad firmly doesn’t believe in goodbyes. I give both of my parents one final hug and walk towards customs. Here we go…


THEA: My dad wraps me in one of his famous bear hugs, practically squeezing the life out of me.

“Dad, I can’t breathe!” I push lightly at his chest, and he releases me.

“I’m sorry, Pumpkin.” He looks deep into my eyes, the laugh lines around his crinkling.

“I just can’t believe my baby is leaving! I didn't think I would have to deal with this until college!” And, despite the bone crushing I know will come, I fling myself back into his arms.

I feel a pull at my sleeve and turn to see my half brother, Liam, looking up at me with tears in his big grey eyes. The ones my father and myself share as well. I stoop down and pull him into a hug. Even at three, he still knows I’m going somewhere.

“I’ll be back soon, Liam.” I give him a kiss on the cheek before rising to say goodbye to Liz, my step mom. She gives me an equally bone crushing hug, despite her small frame.

“We’ll miss you, Thea, call everyday!” I laugh, and tell her I will, though I know I’ll probably be too swamped with school to follow through with it.

With one last glance at my family, I step into the taxi, which will take me to the airport, and from there, I’ll get onto the plane that will take me to my new home, Stonewood Academy.


 OLIVER: "Oliver Reed," booms the overhead speaker at Darwin National Airport in North Dakota. I look over at my dad, who sits reclined comfortably in the airport chair overviewing the take off zone. At the sound of my name, he looks up from his magazine and meets me with the same smirk.

  "Let's go, buddy." He stands up slowly, as fast as his bad knee will let him. I follow him silently to the airport terminal, where we turn in our identification one last time.

  I hand my identification over, which is held in a yellow folder. I realized I have been gripping it for awhile now. I squeeze and release my fingers to get some blood movement again.

  I see the man behind the desk, Scott Barnes, scan my information into the computer. I see my green hair on my driver's license.

  "Blue eyes..." Scott mutters under his breathe. "Five eleven... Piercing in right ear..." He looks to me. I realize he wants to see the piercing, so I turn my head. He goes back down the identification process in his head. Eventually, he finishes.

  "Alright Mr. Reed, you're all set." Scott hands back my folder, which I put on top of my suitcase. "Enjoy your flight." He says it so plainly, I bet he has said it a million times now.

  I walk up to the terminal and turn to my dad.

  "You won't be there forever, Oliver," he says. He is trying to encourage me, he knows I'm not excited about this trip. "Do you get summer's back?"

  "I'm not sure," I respond.

  "Either way, we are a phone call away. Or a face call. Whatever you want to use. Keep in touch though, you know your mother will worry." I remember her goodbye just hours ago. Much more tears there than this goodbye.

  "I'll call," I confirm. I don't have that much to say. I just want to sit and think, even though I have done plenty of that before our decision to go to Stonewood.

  "It's a good place," my dad says. "Highly prestigious. You will do great." He grips my shoulder and pulls me into a hug. I hug back.

 He takes a step back and waves goodbye. I can't help but notice his watery eyes. I smile, hopefully reassuring him that I'll be okay. I turn and walk down the terminal and enter our small private plane. My two pilots sit in the front checking all the panels, and I sit in the back and place my luggage on the floor. No reason to place it anywhere else, if I'm the only one riding.

  "Ready, Oliver?" The pilot asks.

  "Ready as I'll ever be," I respond. I watch the window as we begin our takeoff. I look at all the windows, trying to locate my dad. I want to think I see him, leaned forward toward the window in his red shirt. Eventually I lose sight of him and we take off, leaving the airport, then my home, then my city, then my state, then my country.

  Stonewood Academy, here I come.

JULIET: After going through customs, and boarding the plane, I take my seat. The man in the seat next to me doesn’t look like he will be much of a bother. Grey suit, slicked hair, classic businessman. I rummage through my purse, looking for something to keep me occupied until the plane sets off. I pick my favorite lip gloss and handheld compact mirror and start applying. With the brush, I sweep the thick, pink, berry flavored lip gloss over my full lips. I take a quick look into the mirror before I put my things back in my purse. Strange indigo eyes stare back at me. My dad says they’re pretty and unique, but honestly, I just say they are weird. I’ve never met anyone with eyes my color before. Mom says it’s a hormone deficiency thing. I take my mind of the topic and relax, thinking about my destination, Stonewood Academy in Bath England! It was only six months ago that they sent me the full ride scholarship the the elite boarding school. Apparently they used information from a test I took as a freshmen to decide on my acceptance. I haven't stopped reading the packet they’ve sent for me, I’ve gone through it at least five times! It just seems so amazing to me, that even in freshmen year, all my good grades have paying off so well! Good bye Georgia, hello England! I relax myself as the plane takes off, and soon dive into An Illustrated History of Bath England.

    THEA: After a small argument with the security guard at the security check in the airport, I finally got to board the plane. The little boy that I got stuck next to looks at me unabashedly. I don't know if it's my bright blue hair, or my nose stud, or just me, but he won't stop staring. I sigh, turning to the window as I pop in my earbuds. I can’t believe this is happening! My family has never been a wealthy one, with Dad owning the comic book shop, and Liz a stay at home mom, so I never really got to leave our small town in Montana. And yet, here I was, on a plane, heading to the most prestigious school in Bath, England. I still remember the test I took in 9th grade, I had thought it was stupid at the time, and hadn’t really tried, and yet we still got a letter a few months later, informing me that I had been accepted into Stonewood Academy.  No one could believe it, I mean I wasn't horrible in school, but I wasn't a straight A kid either. I sigh and stare at my reflection in the glass, stormy grey eyes stare back. My dad always told me that all of our ancestors had grey eyes, and so they took up the name Gray. Thea Gray. Well, actually Thea Evangeline Gray. My birth Mother always loved the name Evangeline, but my Dad wanted to name me Thea, so they compromised. Thus, I was born Thea Evangeline Gray, the rebel child who was always changing her hair color, and finding new places to pierce her body. I smile thinking about my Dads face when I came home one day with a stud in my nose. I startle from my thoughts as I feel the plane start down the runway.  I was going to England! England! I sneak a peek at the boy, who, to my dismay, was still staring. This was going to be a long flight.

  OLIVER: Time seems to pass quickly. However, there is so much time in between North Dakota and England, even a two hour nap doesn't make that big of a difference. I think back to my hometown, my school, mostly. And my scholarship. That still stumps me. I find it odd that Stonewood would offer me a scholarship over anyone else at my school. I got good grades, but some of my classmates were better. I wasn't that into sports. Maybe it was what I did off campus that really caught their attention. I just didn't like to waste my time, I was always doing something, while everyone else was wasting their life away on video game consoles. Although that doesn't seem that much of an explanation for getting a scholarship to Stonewood. I pull out my earbuds. The memories are overwhelming.

   JUILIET: The overhead in the plane begins to talk loudly in an annoying female voice “PLEASE STAY IN YOUR SEAT UNTIL THE RUNWAY...” I zone the rest out and finished reading the student packet for the sixth time. I think I’ve prepared as much as possible, although strangely enough, the packet does not explain much about the student life or extracurricular activities. I file the papers strewn across my lap and put them into my backpack. Soon enough, the overhead announces we can leave our seats. I grab my stored carry on from the overhead luggage compartment, and head into the airport where I claim my luggage. There’s so much going on around me. The overwhelming british accent in dominant, but I hear many other languages. I head outside the front entrance of the airport where I was instructed to go by the school. There waits a cabbie, holding a sign labeled CONNOLLY, JULIET. I walk up to him and he swiftly takes my bags and places them in the trunk. He then continues to open the back door for me, and I get inside. He enters the front right of the car, as is custom in european vehicles and speeds off, taking me to Stonewood Academy.

    THEA: By the time the plane lands, all I can do is not push the kid out of the way as I rush out of the terminal. He stared at me the whole stinking flight! What was so interesting about me anyway? I find the Luggage and grab my suitcase and hockey stick. They better have a hockey team at this Academy. Before I got this scholarship, I was seriously considering hockey as my profession, and I had it on good knowledge that colleges were considering me as well. After asking for directions multiple times, I find my way outside and search the signs lined up with cars for my name. In the student packet I received, It told me that a car would be waiting for me at the end of my flight. After a couple of minutes, I spot a sign that reads GRAY, THEA. I make my way over, and he immediately takes my bags. When he reaches for my stick, I say. “I’m going to keep it with me, thanks..” He gives me a strange look, but shrugs and opens the door for me. I climb in, wrinkling my nose at the fresh pine air freshener, which did nothing to cover up the smell of feet. I start to nod off as we pull out of the airport and onto a highway, taking me to the awaiting Academy.

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