Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


15. Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Asking Phoebe, and late night chats

Blake’s P.O.V

As I walked off the bus back at school, I realised no one was mad at me, they were mad at the boys. Was it because they ran off? It must be some people must have actually wanted to go.

As I started my way down the street, school was already out so it didn’t matter; I felt my back begin to hurt again. Crap, I need to go to Phoebe to see if she can do anything for it. I better head there now while I am still in town.

I sighed turning my direction and heading to Main Street. As I walked, I saw Andy’s Gran walking with his mum Nicole. I walked up to Lily,
“Hi Ms Lau. Thanks for dinner last night, it was really nice,” and beamed at her walking away. I turned back to see her and Nicole staring at me as I walked off. I laughed and continued on. I winced as laughing hurt my back.

I kept on walking till I got to the end of Main Street; I turned left and went up the stairs to get to Arcane Lane. When I got the top, I saw the sun setting in the distance, wow, it’s getting late already.

I turned again walking up to the door. I went to push it open but it didn’t budge… huh? I rapped on the door,

“Phoebe! Are you in there?!” I stood at the door. Wait the key. I bent down slowly, being careful of my back not wanting to hurt it more than I already have; I lifted up the empty pot to my left, looking for the spare key. When I saw the glimmer of silver in the light of the remaining sun I quickly picked it up putting the pot back where it was originally.

I stood back up slowly, sliding the key into its place turning it. As I walked in, I pocketed the key,
“Phoebe, are you here?” I walked through to the back room. Its not very late, so why is the shop locked up already? Where is she?

I walked back over to the window in the front of the shop to see her car still here. Weird, she doesn’t walk places. Ever, she always uses her car. I frowned becoming worried,
“Phoebe?!” I turned back around head into the back room. I walked slowly not wanting to cause attention to myself if someone was in here.

When I came to the door way of the back room I didn’t see anyone. I walked in slowly being careful of both my back and in case of intruders. When I saw no one I became worried,

“Phoebe, are you here?” I heard a faint curse under someones breath,

“Ouch mother fucker,” I cocked my head to where the noise was coming from. I turned my head to the bathroom where Phoebe was now walking out of it. I sighed,

“Phoebe, why didn’t you answer me? I was wondering where you were. I got worried,” Phoebe frowned,

“Why were you worried?” I sobbed, and walked into Phoebe’s arms. I couldn’t say it, I knew I had to. I took a big breath in and said the words I hate the most,

“Tahalia’s dead. Phoebe, my mum is dead. And I couldn’t do anything about it,” and with that I broke down in the arms of my best friend. She held me as I cried. I cried for two reasons, one, the death of my mother. And two, the pain in my back. I felt like my heart and back was breaking at the same time.

As Phoebe’s hand stroked my hair, the other held me close. As time went by, we didn’t move from the place on the floor where I had broken down. Once I had calmed down, I started to ask Phoebe the questions that have been buzzing around my head all day,

“Phoebe, do you know of any spells that will heal my back?” Phoebe looked at me quizzically. We stood up and I showed her my back. I heard her gasp as she saw it. I felt like crying again, it was ugly. I whined as she touched it, making me bend away from it.

I pulled my shirt down turning to face Phoebe who was now walking over to her desk where Alice’s book sat. I walked over to her, standing behind her and looking over her shoulder as she started flipping through the pages.

“Do you have anything? I need it gone before the next demon attack or I’m screwed,” Phoebe nodded,

“I should have something right… here bingo,” I leaned down to see the page she was on. It was a healing spell, simple and mediocre; I don’t need anything other than some of the elements and a piece of jewellery.

Okay easy. I started to walk around the room gathering the things I would need. I grabbed a candle with a lighter, and two small bowls and one more slightly larger than the first two. With the smaller ones, I filled one up with dirt from outside and the other with water from bottle.

I lit the candle setting it the three elements in a triangle with the larger bowl sitting in the middle of them all. I nodded walking over to Phoebe who was still sitting at the desk staring at the book. Is she worried about Alice? I tapped her on the shoulder,

“Phoebe, are you okay?” she turned to face me,

“Yeah, I just don’t like the amount of injuries you are getting from being here. Is there anything you can do to stop it?” I shrugged,

“No I don’t really know. It’s not something I can control. If it involves the boys and he demon, then there is a high chance I might get hurt. But it doesn’t matter. All will be done in a few days. The boys will go home and I will be where I need to be,” Phoebe was confused, I don’t think I told her this yet. I sighed,

“I have seen my fate twice. Both were differing in major components. In the first one, it was plain and simple; I kill Felix, and then get killed by Sam. But this one was different, way different. Bates, Oscar and Sgt Riles were all possessed and trying to kill Felix. Roland, you and all the boys were there including me. Then the demon traded Oscar for Roland and tried to keep us away from you. Then I killed myself in front of Felix, then Sam cast some spell and I woke up,” this confused Phoebe to the max,

“Why would you do something like that?” I frowned,

“You don’t get it. I was the one that tricked Felix into doing the spell. He doesn’t know it was me, to him it was just a dream, but it really happened. That as when ----- went into negative space,” Phoebe nodded as I explained everything,

“So Felix re-cast the spell the other day sending us here, I knew the consequence of the spell which was the erasing us but I was never meant to go back with them if they were to ever find a way. So in order for them to go home, I have to die. And that’s all,” Phoebe nodded,
“Okay. Thank you for that. But now for the spell, do you have everything set up?” I shook my head,

“No. I need a piece of jewellery,” Phoebe nodded and got up from the seat. I picked up the book taking it over to the table set up with everything I needed. I skimmed my eyes over the spell waiting for Phoebe to come back.

When she arrived she handed me a small box. I opened it to find a locket that had a skull with emerald eyes on the front. I opened it to find two pictures, one of Phoebe and one of Alice. I smiled; I had never seen this before.

I pulled it out of its case and placed it into the bowl in the middle. I double checked that the candle was still lit and the other two bowls had what I needed in them. I nodded and turned to Phoebe,

“Okay, I’m all set now. But I need you to leave the room,” Phoebe nodded,
“Yeah okay. I’m just gonna go get ready for bed shout out once you’re done. And make sure to put the locket on once you’re done,” I nodded shooing Phoebe out of the room.

I turned back to the table staring at the paper. I frowned swishing my mouth around. I bit down on my lip finally ready to say the spell,

“With this water, I show the water in the blood that runs in my veins…” I picked up some of the water, sprinkling it over the locket,

“… With this earth, I show my connection to what surrounds me and with what is living…” I grabbed the dirt also sprinkling it on the locket. Almost done,

“… With this fire, I show it the fire of passion burning in my heart,” I picked up the locket by the clip and swung it over the fire,

“With the thanks of everything surrounding me, I give this sacrifice to keep me safe in the darkest of nights. With these words, it is done,” as soon as I finished, I clipped the locket onto the back of my neck letting it hang around my lower chest. I smiled as the pain immediately disappeared.

 I walked out of the back room and into the front room, where Phoebe was standing with four boys… what the hell are they doing here? Shouldn’t they be at their shack? It has to be dark by now. I walked over to where they were all standing,

“We need your help,” Phoebe nodded and

“We had a deal,” Phoebe wasn’t happy, Felix nodded,

“I know. Sorry,” Andy pushed forward,

“We went on an excursion. And got lost again,” Phoebe sighed, and Felix talked again,

“We have something to tell you,” Phoebe nodded,

“Okay good, you can tell me tomorrow. Well now off you go. Shuffle on back to your shack,” Phoebe put her hands up trying to push them out.

But they weren’t going anywhere. Even I knew that, something was wrong. Something was stopping them. Felix sighed and looked up at Phoebe,

“That’s why we’re here…” I turned to him, cocking my head while Phoebe did the same,

“What do you mean?” Phoebe asked. All the boys looked cranky, Sam extra. Weird, what’s wrong with him? He was fine earlier. I rolled my eyes at Phoebe nudging her, making her give in. considering the boys are technically ‘Living’ here.

She gestured for the boys to follow her in. Sam was standing outside really pissed. I didn’t was to deal with him right now so I followed Andy, Jake and Felix into the back room while Phoebe brought Sam inside.

When Phoebe got to the back room with Sam, Felix, Jake, Andy and I were all standing. As she dumped a bunch of blanket and pillows on the ground, I rolled my eyes and wrinkled my nose at the smell that suddenly abused my nose… these boys reek, ugh.

I walked over to the cupboards pulling out some incense and a lighter. I passed them to Phoebe quickly asking her if a can stay. She cocked her head at me,

“I thought that’s what you had already planned to do,” I shrugged,

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not yet,” Phoebe shrugged back at me and nodded. I smiled walking back over to Felix. We all sat down as Phoebe lit the incense, so the boys started explaining what happened while they were in the forest,

“He was strong enough to lift me and Blake off our feet and throw us,” Andy tried to cut him off,

“But I defeated the demon,” Jake scoffed and rolled his eyes,

“With the magic charm,” Andy turned to look at him,

“And courage,” I rolled my eyes and Phoebe got cranky,

“So instead of sticking to our deal, you went looking and find your own way back home. Thanks.” Oh Phoebe, as she walked to the other side of the room, Andy started talking again,

“We had to take the chance,” I sighed. Did they really have to?

“It was an epic fail on all fronts,” we all turned to look at Sam,

“So now you want me to help you?” Phoebe was calmer than she was five seconds ago. Andy looked worried,

“Yes?” Phoebe rolled her eyes, putting out the incense,

“You boys really have a nerve,” she started digging the incense harder as she put it out, as if she was taking the anger she had at the boy and shoving it in the bowl.

Sam was looking pissed off. I frowned turning to Felix who was barely listening to a single word anyone was saying. I grabbed his hand in mine and placed it on my lap. Felix turned to look at me. I smiled widely before going back to look at Phoebe who was staring at Sam,

“Told you this was pointless,” oh he was being an asshole to Phoebe. That little… I felt Felix squeeze my hand. I turned to look at him again. He was frowning at me as if he was asking me to calm down. I nodded and turned back to the conversation taking place,

“… Ight, I can’t trust you. Deals off,” WHAT? They had a deal? Sam stood up talking to the boys,

“Come on, we’re wasting our time,” I squeeze Felix’s hand pleading he could do something to stop them from leaving right now. Felix realised something and pulled the charm thingy we found hanging in the forest,

“Phoebe, do you know what that is?” she nodded and turned to Felix,

“Where did you find that?” I walked over so I was next to Felix,

“We got in from the forest. Is it Alice’s?” she nodded,

“Yes. But the police checked there, and so did I,” Felix shook his head,

“You have to fall off a cliff to get there,” she nodded. I was worried,

“Was that where Alice did her spell?” Phoebe nodded

“I knew she did it in the forest. But no one could ever find where she actually disappeared. Are you sure this about where you found this?” we nodded,

“Yeah, there was something else, another sigh of Alice,” I turned to Felix for him to finish. He nodded at what I was going on about and did what I hoped,

“There was an altar. I think it means something,” Phoebe nodded,

“Well if it does, I’ll let you know in the morning.” The boys all looked at her funny,

“What? You think this face needs anything less than eight hours. Bye bye, back to your shack,” Felix looked down. Phoebe sighed,

“What now?” Felix turned to look at phoebe,

“You know how we said we needed help?” Phoebe nodded slightly. Then widened her eyes when she realised what the boys meant. She suddenly stalked out of the room. When she came back, she dropped a pile of pillow and four blankets on the floor,

“I don’t do maternal and I don’t do breakfast,” really Phoebe… god you’re so weird. Felix nodded picking up two of the pillows Phoebe dropped,

“Think we get that,” Felix commented as he picked up two pillows before walking over to the couch. I picked on up as well and sat it next to Felix’s. Felix went back getting a blanket, while Jake was getting his stuff he looked to Sam frowning,

“Hey Sam,” Sam turned to look at him. A heartbroken look on his face,

“Sorry we didn’t get home,” Sam scoffed while laying out his blanket he replied,

“Sure you are,” I scoffed at this. What is so bad about this world? I looked to Jake again who changed from sad to funny,

“Hey, wanna see something,” he walked over the Alice’s shrine and opened the top drawer. I reached in with both his hands and pulled out two dolls,

“Voodoo dolls,” Andy looked exited,

“Do you think they’re magic?” Felix shrugged sitting down next to me,

“I don’t know. Look, put ‘em away, I don’t want her to catch us snooping,” Jake nodded putting them back. I looked at Andy, who was now trying to talk to Sam,

“Sam, if science can’t get us home, magic will,” Sam sighed,

“Want to know what I think…” he paused for a bit to look at Jake,

“I think we’re going to be stuck here for the rest of our lives,” we all sighed and turned away hoping into bed. I hopped up off the couch and moved into the middle of the room. I sighed tossing between going and seeing Phoebe or just going to sleep.

I sighed knowing I wasn’t tired so I walked down the hall and turned to face phoebes door. I rapped on the door waiting for her to answer. I heard her sigh and mutter out a come in. I pushed open the door poking my head in, before allowing the rest of my body to follow,

“Phoebe is there something you’re not telling them?” she turned to face me from where she was standing in front of her bed. The look on her face told me everything. I walked over to her grabbing her by the shoulder and sitting her on the bed,

“Phoebe, what is it? You can tell me,” she shook her head. What’s going on in her head right now?

Phoebe’s P.O.V

I couldn’t tell her. I just couldn’t, if I did she would hate me. For some reason I was crying. Blake held me begging me to tell her. I knew she knew telling her would make me feel better, but I just couldn’t do it, I don’t even know if it could be possible that it could happen. I gave in; if anyone can figure out what was going on it was Blake,

“I’ll tell you but you must not tell the boys anything,” Blake nodded,
“Of course Phoebe. You know I would never tell anyone anything if it meant something bad to come of the teller,” I nodded and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding,

“It happened the other night. I went to bed and fell asleep like normal. But I woke into a dream. I was in the Bremin forest, but I wasn’t in control of my body. At first I was at the picnic area, where people normally get off the buses.” Blake nodded knowing where I was talking about,

“That’s where we started both excursions, and you were there,” what? I stared at her,

“When, where, what was I doing? Was I looking for Alice?” Blake shook her head,
“No. you were following us. But you weren’t you, you were possessed, I could see it in your eyes. They were red; the same Roland’s were today.” I nodded weird,

“Where was this?” Blake sighed and looked around, her eyes settling on anything but me,

“You were following us, first from the stop then in the middle of the forest right before we left the path and fell off the cliff. Both Sam and I saw you in the forest no one else did. We got lucky. But after we fell off the cliff I didn’t see you anymore but I felt like I was being watched,” once Blake finished I was shocked,

“That’s exactly what happened, but I wasn’t watching you.” Blake cocked her head,

“Then who were you watching?” I frowned,

“I think you know the answer to that…” we looked at each other,

“Felix,” I nodded, I think you better head to be. We will be figuring more about this tomorrow, because right now we both need our sleep,” Blake nodded,

“Yeah your right and thank you for letting me use that spell everything had finally stopped hurting.” What did she mean?

“Blake, what do you mean everything?” she sighed,

“Let’s just say I can be very stupid at times. First, I think it was my vision with the bees then it was smashing my head on the side of the road after almost getting hit by a bus, then I think it was the attack of the crows, also a vision. Then I think it was the fate vision thingy, and then I was attacked by a dog, and finally the most recent attack with Roland. But I think Mortiuus made that personal,” wow. This girl doesn’t at all have it easy. I sighed pushing her out of the door,

“What makes you say that?” Blake turned to me as she was walking,

“Roland was, and still is my step father, father to my half-brother -----, who is trapped in negative space because of me. But anyways, night Pheebs” I nodded to her,

“Yeah, good night Blake,” as I closed the door behind her I finally was able to rest.

Blake’s P.O.V

As I walked back to the back room, I saw Felix was still awake while all the other boys were asleep. I walked over to him, sitting myself next to him,

“What are you still doing awake?” he shrugged,

“Waiting for you, are you sleeping here?” I smiled and nodded lying down, patting the empty space on the couch next to me. Felix got the hint and laid down, his head level with mine, forehead against mine. We both smiled,

“What’s been going on with Sam?” I was really worried about him. He was my brother after all. Felix shrugged,

“None of us really know. For some reason today he just snapped and hasn’t been the same since,” I sighed,

“Do you think it’s because of Mia and Sammy?” Felix nodded weakly,

“Yeah maybe, I don’t know. We have never really been friends up until the other day when we were brought to this world, but I guess I don’t really pay attention to them. All I worry about is being able to send enough time with Oscar while we are here, because if we get back I won’t be able to,” I nodded understanding his predicament. There was something I had to tell him,

“Felix, I don’t know if you have, but have you possibly seen a giant blue whitish patch. And I mean anywhere, it could have been just out of the corner of your eye, or full on seen it. Because this is important,” I think this confused Felix by the look on his face. I sighed, giving up, and looking away,

“I think I have,” huh, I looked to Felix,

“What? When? Where? Please I need to know this,” Felix nodded not asking questions,
“I think I have seen it a few times. A couple of times in the forest and maybe once or twice in normal places,” I smiled nodding,

“Good. Thank you Felix, I just need to know because there are two people trapped there, and I need to get them back,” Felix nodded,

“Alice?” I nodded, but then a confused look crossed his face. I think he realized I said ‘Two people’. I sighed,

“The other one is my half-brother -----. Few months ago something weird happened, to both of us. Well for you, to me it was a few days ago.” This officially confused the fuck out of Felix. I sighed sitting up,

“I had a vision where I was in your backyard a few months ago, you had just found out about magic and we cast a spell together. I wasn’t sure it worked until I was teleported back to this world, the same night we did the spell. Sending my brother through the portal, I found out that he was my brother because Roland showed up, and ----- looked like the exact opposite of me,” Felix nodded,

“So because of us, your brother…” I cut him off,

“Half-brother,” Felix nodded and continued,

“… Half-brother is nowhere?” I nodded,

“Yeah kinda. The place he and Alice are is somewhere called Negative space, and I s run by a demon they call the darkness, because in truth, he has no name. Well actually, he’s the demon of restoration hell bent on hunting your asses down. His name is Mortiuus, and he is my really father, along with Sam’s. I don’t know how much Sam knows about this stuff, so it makes things harder, especially with what’s going on with him now.” Felix nodded.

I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket looking at the time. 11:11pm, hm, make a wish. Felix peeked over my shoulder,

“Make a wish Blake,” I nodded, I wish I can bring back ----- and Alice when the time is needed. I turned to Felix smiling. I pushed my lips against his and he responded instantly

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