Tour L.R.H

After Sam breaks up with her boyfriend her mom makes her go on tour with her brother. Will she find love or will she get her heart broken again. Read to find out


2. 0.2

Sam's POV

~ 2 weeks passed ~

I've forgotten about Chad, he broke my heart and I'm moving on. I graduated, I'm happy. Could life get any better right now?!

"Sam and Ash can you come downstairs?" Mom yelled.

"What" Ashton and I said in unison.

I saw the boys and their moms, I got kinda worried. I went and sat next to Michael and Calum. They all locked kinda worried too.

" Well…The band is going on tour with One Direction!" Liz started. They boys started jumping up and down and screaming. All I could do was smile.

"Calm down we haven't finished" Joy said

"Sam we get to go with them on tour" my mom said.

The boys started jumping up and down screaming again and so did I. BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!

"You leave in 3 weeks!" Liz said.

Later that night we all had pizza, we watched mean girls and ate pizza again. We all talked about how fun it's gonna be on tour with 1D!

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