Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


1. Chapter 1

Seren's POV

"Wasn't that amazing" my friend Megan said as we were leaving the venue

"It was, they are so good" I replied with a massive smile spread across my face

"Right well i'll just go get the car and i'll meet you round the back in about 10 mins" Meg said as she walked off

"Sounds like a plan" I said, "See you in 10" I pulled my phone out my pocket to check the time it was 11 o'clock at night, with nothing better to do, I walked to the back of the building and sat down.

A few minutes had passed when I heard a loud bang and a voice saying "oops sorry" I turned my head to find Luke Hemmings standing about 10 meters away from me, at that point I lost all control over my mouth and said 'OMG' rather too loudly

Luke turned around to find me sitting on the floor

"Hi" he said "What are you doing out here?"

"Oh um" I mumbled " I'm um just waiting for my friend to uh get the car"

"Cool, do you mind if I join you?" He said with a cheesy grin across his face "The guys take forever to pack up and change so I though i'd get some air, oh and by the way i'm Luke"

At this point he stretched out his hand waiting for me to shake it

"Oh uh I know who you are, i'm Seren" I said still in shock that I was talking to Luke Hemmings, then shook his hand, it was rough at the fingers from playing the guitar but his palm was so very soft

"That's a cool name, does it mean anything?" He said sounding intrigued

"Uh yeah its actually welsh for star" I replied

"Wow thats awesome" he said flashing that amazing smile of his

At this point it was cold and being the kind guy he is he offered me his hoodie

"Wont you be cold though?" I asked

"Don't worry about me, its worth it for a beautiful girl like you" he said

All I could think was omg, omg Luke just called me beautiful!

"Hahahaha" I said and straight away regretted it

"What?" He questioned "Don't you think you're beautiful? Trust me Seren you are beautiful"

"You really think that?" I said shocked at his remark

"Yes I do" he replied " Do you have a pen and paper?"

"Um I might have in my bag, i'll have a look" I said puzzled at why he wanted those things "I have a pen but no paper"

"Thats alright, just give me your hand" he said and so I did

He scribbled away on the back of my hand, and when he was finished I asked "Whats that?"

"That Seren would be my phone number" he said cheekily

"Why would you want to give me your number? We've only just met?" I asked in a mumble

"Because you are beautiful and a really nice person and i'd like to talk some more" he said whilst looking at me

"Wow ok thanks haha" I said laughing when I heard the beep of a car horn and the approaching car headlights "Um thats my friend I have to go now"

"Oh okay" Luke said in a saddened voice

"Could I be cheeky and get a picture?" I asked

"Of course my star" he said

"Awww haha thanks" we took the picture, hugged goodbye and started walking away

Then I remembered I was still wearing his hoodie so I turned around and shouted "Hey Luke what about your hoodie?"

"Oh thats fine, i'll get it the next time I see you" and with that he went back into the building through the stage door

As I got into the car Meg said "Who was that you were talking to? And who's number is that written on your hand? Does that say Luke?"

"Um yeah" I started to say "When I was waiting for you Luke Hemmings bumped into me, we talked for a bit and he gave me his number and hoodie"

"Omg thats huge" Meg said "Wait till we tell everyone"

"Meg please don't tell anyone I don't want this blown out of proportion" I begged

"Okay whatever you want, so when are you going to text him?" She inquired

"Oh maybe tomorrow, right now I just want to go to bed" I said yawning before drifting off to sleep in Meg's car

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