Covers & Junk

Welcome to my graphic shop thingy thing where I'll be making zarah so smart. Thanks I know. Anywhoo request away my youngins.

OH! But please read at the rules before you do request

have a nice day!


1. r u l e s

♟|R U L E S|♟
☯ ☯ ☯
●the only bitching allowed is my own●
use my forms

(they haven't been given just because i like typing)

●don't steal my work and claim it as your own●

(i've seen it happen before)

●don't be a request whore●
●be nice●
●don't ask why you were denied●
●don't spam ●
●credit me bro●
●I don't often do same sex/horror/sci -fi/anime/games ●
●patience is a gift, i have a life●
●no redo's unless there's a mistake●


i use adobe photoshop cs6



the story must be published

must be either completed or very nearly completed

(i'm not fond of wasting my time)

i use sony vegas pro 12 & adobe after effects (on rare occasions)


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