I'm Ariel, I like to think of myself as a typical teenage girl, but Nick changed all of that and turned my life upside down.

Nick is not your average guy, he runs the biggest baddest gang in California, he's the most known guy but he's still the biggest mystery.


17. chapter 17

"Oh no no, you're joking me right? Who am I kidding, you are joking, take the kid, get out of my house" I laughed bitterly in his face.

"Look, nick I'm not exactly ecstatic about him either" he sighed at me.

"Do you remember Gigi?" My mother piped in.

"Yeah" I trailed off. Of course I remember gigi, my first legitimate girlfriend, the girl who stomped my fragile heart and fuelled my 'meltdown'. "What about her?" I asked, not taking my eyes off of the little boy.

"Well, she was deemed unfit to take care of him and they said custody will be turned over to the father, since her parents wanted nothing to do with her and the baby" she explained softly.

"How old is he?" I asked, this is when he perked up.

"I'm 3!" He smiled, holding up three fingers. He was cute, I'll give the kid that, probably got my looks.

"I hope you understand that this is a big responsibility, and you have to get your life together" my dad said sternly.

"I'm not taking the kid" I shrugged, shaking my head.

"Like hell you aren't!" My dad yelled, jolting up from his seat.

"There's no proof I am the father, I will not be taking any kid that isn't mine into my home. Plus, Gigi was a big ol' slut, so you can take this kid back to its father and he can take over the responsibilities of the damn thing because I will not be taking him" I argued back.

"I know this isn't my place to speak" Ariel said nervously and quietly, we all looked to her not saying anything. "Look, I can tell from as soon as you guys were let into the house, you didn't like me, but just hear me out" she took a deep breath.

"Good ahead then" my mother huffed at her.

"Okay, well you can't expect to kick him out at the age of 16, and leave him with nothing, to come back in and have him love you and accept a kid he's never heard about in his into his life, he will be raising him for the rest of his life, it is a huge shock" she told them. "And nick, you need to open your mind up a little bit, you don't have to like your parents but if that boy is yours, you do have to love him with all of your heart, nothing will come above him" she said, turning to me.

"I'll get a DNA test" I said hastily.

"Well, that won't be necessary" my mom said, digging in her purse. "We found an old brush of yours that had some hair in it and well we did a DNA test from that, we didn't think you'd deny a kid" she continued on, passing home the papers. I read them over and they in fact stated that I am the biological father to him.

"What's his name?" I asked, looking to the boy again.

"Hunter King" my mother said softly.

He did look like me, my eyes, hair colour, I'm sure if you saw pictures of me at that age, there would be no difference at all. I'm not ready to be a father, and I sure as hell don't think Ariel is ready to play house, but I'm more than not ready to watch her walk out of my life.

Taking care of hunter can't be that hard, I guess when you do mix in a gang it gets a little tougher, but the kid will live up to his name. Woah. I can't be thinking about raising this kid just to be a legacy, hoping his kids will carry on my name... I'm a terrible person.

"We have to go now, our flight back is soon, we have all of his things in the car, we'll bring them up" my father said, brushing off his coat and leaving with my mother behind him. They quickly did as they said they would, brought all of his stuff and left me with a note from Gigi.

"Are you okay?" Ariel asked cautiously.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" I asked her back, panting for air.

"You don't look or sound fine" she said softly, grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze.

"It's overwhelming" I sighed. "I'm not ready for this responsibility" I rested my face in my hands.

"Look, he doesn't seem that bad" she gestured to the boy sitting there silently playing with some toys. "You have all the help you could possibly ask for, sure they don't know how to take care of children or themselves for that matter but that's beside the point" she rambled on.

"I guess you're right" I nodded, should I tell her that she's the only help I actually want? Maybe that would scare her away more than the fact that he's in my life, seems like a lot of pressure... "so hunter, are you hungry?" I asked him, his head snapping towards me.

"I like mac and cheese" he said softly, turning back to his truck.

"Well how about we pack your stuff up into the car and then make food at home?" I asked, mostly to myself. "I'll grab the bags, you get the car seat and diaper bag" I instructed, heading for the door. The two of them on my trail.

"I don't know how to put this in" Ariel announced after struggling for a bit.

"Fuck, neither do I" I groaned. "Here, let's just buckle him in with the seat belt, and I'll drive super safely" I told her, looking at them from the rear view mirror,

"You driving safely? Hilarious" she laughed, just buckling him in. "On ward chauffeur!" She called, getting into her seat causing hunter to laugh.

The ride was pretty good, it was filled with Ariel singing and hunter dancing along to it while I secretly tried to keep my sanity. Pulling up to the house caused a gasp to be heard from hunter, halting the singing.

"House is big" he confirmed, looking towards us.

"Welcome home" I announced to him, rolling into the garage. "I don't know how I'm going to introduce the boys to him" I sighed, turning off the car.

"Well, you could either take him in there and face it or we can wait here and you can do damage control first" she offered me.

"But I'm hungry now" hunter complained, letting out a bit of a whimper.

"We can all go in, could you help him find something to eat?" I asked her, getting out of the car.

"Of course" she smiled, going to get hunter. "Come on hunter, we'll get you some food" she cheered, him cheering along with her and heading into the house first. I followed to see no one really strewn about the house, which is a bit odd, considering there's always someone around everywhere.

"Hey nick" piper came up to me cautiously.

"I'm not really in the mood" I shrugged her off. Sure a bit rude of me, but she kind of set me up to be stuck with a kid for the rest of my life, kinda not going to get over that easily. "Just leave me be for a bit" I sighed, walking up to my office.

I pulled out the letter she had written me and skimmed over it. His birthday, June 5th. Allergic to peanuts. Authorities saying she can't take care of him anymore. She wants me to replace her with another girl who's everything she isn't.

It seemed a little surreal to be reading a bonesy letter about my son, I mean it told me nothing about him. She doesn't even want to be remembered by him when he gets older, she'd rather be a distant memory like she'll do him. She's still that terrible girl I met when I was a teenager, so much regret behind her.

Even though I am a leader of a gang, I believe I will raise this little boy better than she has in his first couple years and he won't even get mixed up in anything gang related until he's old enough.

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