The Changing

Jourdain Clarisse Hetare is what you'd call an average fourteen year old, average height, average mother, average school but extraordinary things happen around her. And it's one of these mistakes that lead her to being thrust into the care of her farther.

A man she hasn't ever known.

Soon it's revealed why Jourdain was raised by her mother as everything starts changing. Her school, her friends and her way of looking at the world. Jourdain is about to find out what it means to be part of this new world and sacrifice is key.

But how far is she willing to go before the change consumes her entirely?


1. Chapter One

"Wake up! I need to talk to you about yesterday!"


Jourdain groaned, opening her eyes groggily and yawning, tongue thick and fuzzy from sleep. Dragging her body into a sitting position and swinging her bare feet out of the warm embrace of the duvet and onto the cool surface of the rooms hardwood floor, she recalled the events of yesterday. She hadn't meant to get angry at them, they had pushed her too far, they had been the ones commenting on her appearance and her lack of communication with people.


It was their fault that she lost control, that the incident happened.


Trudging dutifully down the polished staircase in her pj's, Jourdain didn't care what she looked like, her heart was racing as her mother stood there, waiting for her, dressed in a sharp business suit as usual and a sour scowl pinching her beautiful face.


"Jourdain Clarisse Hetare." That tone said it all, that Jourdain was going to be punished. Could you be punished for something you had no control over?


"Yes mother?" Her own accent stronger than that of her mother, the British girl keeping her eyes glued to the floor out of sheer terror of seeing that look of disappointment on her mother's face.


"You have gone too far this time young lady," A sigh was released infront of her and her heart thumped like a steam-train. "I'm sending you away, to live with your father."


"You've become too much for me to handle Jourdain, you're a freak! People are starting to realise that, you either stop what you've been doing or you're leaving."


Jourdain looked up, butterscotch eyes watering with tears that threatened to spill. Her mother knew that she couldn't control what happened but the turned head was enough to make her snap inside, turning and running back upstairs, she threw open her wardrobe.


She was going, she knew it. Her mother would send her away no matter what was said so she might as well pack. It had happened before, Jourdain thought bitterly as her vision watered, so this time she was the one being forced to leave instead of her mother. Her precious mother had too much to lose, Jourdain didn't, nobody cared about the girl that had freak 'accident's happen around her. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror but she knew what she'd see.


An average sized fourteen year old girl with short silvery hair that brushed her shoulders in a choppy fashion, with butterscotch eyes that always had a sad sparkle to them. Milky skin that was unblemished until you saw the jagged scar running across her back. These things wouldn't change, Jourdain doubted that she'd even be recognised as a girl if she went somewhere new.


Packing quickly and quietly and dressing herself in a simple black t-shirt, ripped jeans, brown jacket that hugged her broad shoulders and a matte brown pair of ankle boots. Jourdain put on her sunflower print scarf slowly before grabbing her bags and walking downstairs to face her mother. She wasn't even surprised to see the woman standing by the open door and a car idling outside on the pavement.


"I've already given the driver the address. You don't need to worry." Jourdain could feel the grip on her bags become tighter, knuckles white and a familiar buzz was encouraging her to lash out but she ignored it, pushing it back down as she glared at her mother one last time.


"Thank you, I guess I'll be off then." Devoid of emotions.


Her mother nodded, coming in for a hug but Jourdain side-stepped, feeling slightly satisfied at the bemused look on her mother's face. Turning on her heels, she walked out the taxi, the driver waiting patiently as she hauled her luggage into the vehicle. She didn't wave as her mother did, simply just pushing down all the emotion boiling inside her and focusing on what lied ahead.


Somewhere inside her mind, a little part of her stirred. Becoming more awake now it was free from the rigorous routines of her mother. 



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