The Secret Sister

Alyssa Austin, when Jay and Troy split, Alyssa was left with her father. She doesn't remember her older brother and never met half brother and sisters. When she and Lottie bumped into each other, and they became fast friends, how will they react when they figure it out? And will Louis find out about that Lyssa is back in town? Read to find out!


1. My New School

I looked at myself. Today was the first day of school. The school is a rich and special school. Dad and the barbie is sending me to it. I hate the barbie doll. She just using dad for money. Dad's a famous doctor and she's just a gold digger and so is her daughter, Crystal. They both might know that I know they just using him. I grabbed my bag and walked out. I saw a girl sitting by herself. She was reading. 

"Hello." She looked up to me. She smiled.

"Not trying to be mean, but why are you talking to me?" She asked me. 

"You seemed to be lonely." She looked at me.

"Aren't you Crystal's sister?" She asked me. I groaned.

"No step-sister, I hate her and her mother. They both are gold diggers. And hate me. My real mother and my dad are both separated and now barbie doll, and barbie doll JR. are just using my dad for money." I told her. She nodded.

"You know about One Direction?" She asked me.

"I like some of their songs, and I really don't know much about them." I said. She nodded.

"I'm Louis's sister, Lottie."

"Oh...Cool...I never knew that they had sisters." I said, i don't research people. She smiled a little.

"Really? I mean a lot of girls act like my friends, just to meet my brother and his bandmates." My eyes widen.

"Really! How horrible! People are rude and...I kinda of know how it's feels. Kids just act just to be my friends, since my father is a famous doctor." She nodded once more. We exchanged phone numbers. I love this school and now I had a new friend. We had all the same classes and the same lunch! We decided to hang out and go to the park after school. We headed to the swings.

"I remember my mum's laugh, and my brother used to sing to me. He always made me laugh." Lottie gave me a small smile. 

"I would ask you if you want to come over but they both are home." I said to her.

"How about you come over to my house. My mum would love you." Lottie said. She gave me a hopeful look.

"Sure, Lottie." I said while texted my dad to let him know that I'm going to a friend's house. He told me ok and to be safe. We walked to a pretty house. And we walked in.

"Mum I'm home!" Lottie said. A woman came out.

"Who is this?" She asked worried.

"I'm Alyssa, and I'm sorry about Crystal. She's my older step sister." 

"Mum, she's  nothing like her." Her mother sighed.

"Ok. Alyssa righ?" I nodded. A bird tweeted from all both of our phones. I replied. Her mother smiled.

"I have to deal with her at home. And her mother." Lottie's mother looked worried.

"They are like the same?" She asked me.

"Yup." I shook my head. 

"I feel really bad for you." Lottie said as we headed up to her room.

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