Jesy's little sister

Jaycee is jesy's sister from little mix when Jaycee falls in love with Michael Clifford can she get her band to be famous or continue having a normal life ?


21. Goodbye for awhile

Michael's point of view 

Jaycee leaves today me , ash, and jesy drove her and her bandmates to the airport this is going to be a long 5 months.

Jaycee's point of view 

I walk into the airport and about to board the plane but I stopped I walked over to ash, Michael , and jesy 

Jesy-" take care "

Jaycee-" I will " 

After I hugged jesy I hugged ash 

Ash-" be careful " 

Jaycee-" always " 

And now Michael I hugged him for a long time

 Jaycee-"* whispers* Wait for me to come home" 

Michael-" I love you Jaycee " 

He said it now I just I wanna stay but I have to go 

Jaycee-" I love you too Michael " 

I boarded the plane crying but looked back one last time hopefully 5 months goes by fast.


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