Never Again

Kat Hood is 17 years old. She's dating the one and only Harry Styles. She's best friends with his mates, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, even the 5SOS boys, including her brother Calum. Harry and Kat's relationship goes through twist and turns, but what will happen when one of them wants to give up on what they have, and the other wants to fight for it.

*Note there will be swears so, yeah, heads up*



SOO SORRY I FORGOT TO DO THIS AT THE BEGINNING! As I've been editing I have made some changes and re writes, so here's some things I changed.

Cal and Kat are siblings.


Kat is played by Cher Lloyd.


After they broke up, (Harry and Kat) Harry moved in with the One Direction house, with all the 1D boys, except for Zayn. Zayn sleeps over there a lot and it's like his second home.


Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Kat live in a house together. (Little Mix House) Perrie stays over there a lot, it's like her second home. Perrie lives with Zayn.


Ash, Cal, Mikey, and Luke live together in a flat ( The 5SOS house)


Perrie and Zayns house is the Zerrie House.


They all are currently on vacation and are staying at a time share thing. It's a vacation house with lots of space and room.


Also, I hope you like my cover, I changed it, so don't be confused (: Enjoy the story! And please no hate, this is my first movella. Feel free to give me suggestions, scenes you want, and how you like the story. Thank you, have a great day/night! <3

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