The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


1. Meeting them.

One day at school.. Olivia and Hannah walk into there math class sitting across from each other.. "okay guys.. your tests scores are back.." mrs.Pinnock tells them passing out the tests.. Hannah laughs.. "I feel pretty good about this." Olivia sighs fixing her glasses.. "I don't know Hannah.." mrs.Pinnock puts Hannah's test on her desk Hannah's face lets up "98!" "yes!!!" Hannah smiles and the teacher gives Olivia her test.. "not your best Olivia.. your gonna need to get tutored.." Hannah looks at Olivia and sighs.. "who's gonna tutor you?" she asks her.. "I'm not sure." there was a tall guy with huge shoulders who sat behind Hannah.. he looks up from his test which he got a 100 on.. he taps Hannah's shoulder.. Hannah turns around.. "yes?" she asks the guy.. the guy fixes his glasses.. "I can tutor Olivia.." Hannah smiles and looks at Olivia.. "he will tutor you!" Olivia looks at him and smiles.. "I didn't catch your name." the guy looks down.. "my name is Luke." she smiles.. "cute name." Hannah smirks and turn to the front.. Hannah smiles at Olivia and the bell rings and Olivia and Hannah walk out to there next class "dude the nerd wants to tutor you! how cute" Hannah tells Olivia seeing Luke walk in front of them with another guy.. "I guess so.." Olivia tells her.. Hannah smiles and sees that the jocks were messing with Luke and the other guy and they pushed the guys books on the floor and Luke and the guy picked them up.. Hannah ran and helped pick up the books and touched hands with the guy and he pulls away.. "sorry.." he whispers.. Hannah smiles.. "it's okay.. what's your name?" the guy looks up at Hannah.. "Ashton.. what's your name?" he asks politely.. Hannah bites her lip.. "I'm Hannah." he smiles picking up his books. "thank you Hannah." he says getting up helping Hannah up walking to Luke.. Hannah walks back to olivia.. "looked like you guys had something there Hannah." Olivia jokes pulling out her phone. Hannah sighs and hits her shoulder.. "whatever loser." they go to history then lunch.. Hannah and Olivia sit with there friends justin,Cody and Jacob.. Hannah sits next to Cody and Olivia sits next to Justin and they eat and joke around.. Ashton Luke and 2 of there other friends were sitting a table away.. "woah.." Luke says looking at his backpack.. "what?" the guy who looked a little Asian says.. "I forgot my reading homework Calum!" Luke says worried.. michael sighs eatting his food.. "tell the teacher you lost it." "michael I need to have my A in her class my mum would kill me if I got a B." Luke says biting his lip.. "Luke stop being so nerdy!" michael complains.. "chill the fuck out." Luke sighs and asks Ashton to make a call from his phone. Luke calls his mum.. and she says she will send his older brother jack to bring it to him.. "thank god guys" he says handing Ashton back his phone.. the bell rings and Hannah and Olivia's last class was Reading with Luke and Ashton.. of course Hannah and Olivia walked in laughing about something stupid.. they sit across from each other once again laughing still and Olivia sees Luke and Ashton walk in and sit in the back.. she bites her lip and tells Hannah to look back to see Ashton looking at her but looking away.. "dude the nerds are back" Hannah tells Olivia.. Olivia smiles.. "maybe you gotta get to know them.. maybe they aren't that nerdy.." they hear Ashton and Luke laughing and Luke snorts.. "I take that back" Olivia says laughing.. the teacher walks in and asks for the homework.. she calls out the names for the students to give her there homework "Ashton Irwin." she calls up and Hannah sees Ashton walk up quickly and give the teacher his homework and sits back down.. "Lucas Hemmings" they see Luke walk up to the teacher.. "my brother is bring my homework ma'am." the teacher nods.. at the end of the class Olivia was putting her books in her locker and Luke comes up to her. "Olivia?" he says shyly... she smiles and closes her locker.. "hi." she smiles.. he bites his lip... "are you up for tutoring later today?" she thinks for a second.. "yeah I'm free" she smiles.. Luke nods and fixes his backpack. "how about my house at 5?" he asks softly.. "sure Luke.. thank you again.. I suck at math." Luke smiles fixing his glasses.. "I'm sure your not that mad.." she smiles and her phone buzzes.. "well I gotta go but you can call me at 4:30 to remind me" she tells him.. he nods.. "I don't have your number.." he bites his lip.. "oh yeah.. here." she smiles giving him a piece of paper with her number on it.. "thanks." he smiles and she leaves..

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