1. nice try Calum

I'm Sarah earl and I live in Sydney with my best friend Lucy. I'm famous by the way and I was founded on YouTube by hey or hi studios. The same as 5sos. I am a fan but don't go too deep like the fan girlies. I haven't met them and never will I bet you they haven't even heard of me before. Enough about me okay.

"Lucy I'm going for my walk k"

"K girl" she called

So off I go

I normally walk to target everyday which is fun cause I see what is new for the boys which I see is good

I walk over too the CDs and I hear someone come up behind me but I don't care. Then they say " I like your hair" I know exactly who it is so I snap " and I hate yours" oh feisty I like feisty" he says " when has Michael Gordon Clifford like feisty"

I turn around and say " where are the rest of you" I hear laughing from an isle next to us. " come on out guys " Michael calls out and three boys come out of the isle and I say" who are you blondie" he says " Lucas Robert hemmings ma'am " " who are you hottie " I say to the Asian one " Calum hood princess" wow he's nice. " so who are you curly" I say to the last one " Ashton fletcher irwin "

So I wonder what five seconds of summer are doing in target talking to me but Calum buts into my thoughts by saying" come hang with us" I answer by saying " sure thing can you drop me off at home first" all four of them ask why at the same time. " to get clothes cause i say sleep over. I know we only just met but I wanna know you guys for reals cause I'm a big fan."

So we walk to a car and sit in it with me sitting shotgun and Calum driving. Did I tell you that I keep a 5sos collection In my bag.well I keep one in there and this was a perfect time to use it.

I put heartbreak girl ond and the boys start singing it but they all stop when Calum says" shut up I wanna hear Sarah sing" so he puts English love affair on and I start singing it and when I finish they all shout " we love your voice Sarah" real sweet.

We got to my place and they all hopped out and Lucy wasn't home . Lucky for us. Callum came upstairs with me to get clothes and the others sat on the couch and played Fifa . We left for there place and sung there songs. Fun. I got inside and I saw the couch and shouted "who ever sleeps in the couch isn't anymore". Luke runs past Me and grabbed a penguin off the couch and said " don't touch penguin" cute.

So after awkward silence I asked wear the bathroom was and they said down the hall and I knew Calum's room was next door so when I finished I pushed Calum's door open with only a towel around me.

" out" I commanded and he left a smirk on his face. So I got changed and something beeped at me so I looked and he recorded me getting changed . I deleted it and yelled" you can come in" . As soon as he came in he ran to his phone . I had a smirk on my lips so he grabbed me and threw me on his bed and started tickling me . I screamed and the other boys came in and helped Calum until Ashton stood up for me saying" Sarah's probably tired" so he picked me up bridal style and took me down stairs hearing a few oohs and aahs along the way.

When we got to the couch he placed me on it and whispered " don't listen to them" . He left and Calum came in saying he was sorry and all I do was laugh saying" nice try Calum.

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