High Hopes (c.b. Fan fic)

The day Connor left was the worst day ever for Alana. But when he comes back to visit he's hometown will they reconnected or fall apart again?


2. chapter 2

2 years later

Alana's POV

It's been 2 years since Connor left it was hard the first couple of months but got easier very very slowly. No one knew this but I have had a huge crush on him since age 11 he probably didn't feel the same way though. I was walking down the street and I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw something I never thought I'd see again

Connor Ball

Brad's POV

We were walking to Connors child hood house when I looked up to see a beautiful girl looking at her phone. When I say beautiful I mean gorgeous she had long brown hair with a little wave in it she was skinny but not a stick she was wearing denim shorts with a white tank that had words but I couldn't make out what it said.

Connors POV

I saw brad look across the street I looked up to see what he was starring at and saw her "Alana" I said under my breath "what was that?" James asked "Alana!" I yelled she looked up and saw me

Alana's POV

"Alana!?" Someone yelled across the street I looked up and Connor was running across the street I laughed at how excited he was. I missed his smile, I missed him. He ran over picking me up and spinning me around I was laugh with a huge smile plastered across my face I probably looked ridiculously but I didn't care I was in the arms of the one and only person I loved with all my heart. My best friend,

Connor Ball

I suddenly frowned knowing this was the same person who left me 2 years ago with no warning. I turned on my heel and ran at the way back to my house.

Connors POV

She ran and all I could do was run after her. I was at of breath and the boys were yelling at me to stop. So finally stopped after about 15 minutes of running. I knew where she was going just not how to get there. She was going to her right next door to mine. I called the car to come pick us up here told them where to go and went to go find her. My best friend, crush, the love of my life.


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